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In this day and age, there’s no such thing as “too much time” anymore. Which is why anything that makes our lives easier and more convenient is a gift. Permanent makeup is one entry in a long list of innovations that lets us take control of our time—and our lives.

In this series, we talk about how you can become a top microblading artist.

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When you enter the permanent makeup business, there’s very little room for error. Consider it an occupational hazard. After all, our canvases are clients’ faces. We can’t just mess up.

Therefore, microblading training is of utmost importance. Having proper training allows you to be the best in the industry. And a good reputation = more clients.

That being said, finding the right training school should be a top priority.

Education is an investment, and any career requires a certain amount of investment. For microblading artists, that investment is training.

What to look for in a microblading school

Microblading training is the secret to succeeding in our line of work. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a microblading school.

  • Expertise. Above anything else, you’ll want a school whose teachers are certified experts in the permanent makeup industry. Find an academy with instructors who are also industry pioneers and who have worked on many different microblading jobs.
  • Distance. Enrolling in a microblading training school that is too far from your home will make coming to class difficult. Of course, the best schools don’t offer more than a month’s worth of training. If you’ve found a school you really want, you can always get temporary board and lodging.
  • Curriculum. Microblading training schools should have a published curriculum on their websites. This way, students know what they’re signing up for. Choose a class that matches your level of knowledge and experience in microblading.
  • Hands-on learning. Don’t settle for a “training school” that doesn’t actually do any training. Find an academy that will show you how to perform the procedure on realistic dummies and on real clients.
  • Support. What kind of support does your school have to offer? Some schools offer free lodging. Others encourage you to contact instructors via phone or email for any questions. Find a school that makes you feel motivated and encouraged.
  • Career opportunities. Once you’ve completed training, how can your school help you with your career? Do they give you the option of working with them? Do they have contacts in the beauty industry? An established training school will be able to help you land a great first job after your education.

A word of warning

Many “training schools” will promise that you’ll become a microblading expert in a week or less. Don’t believe them.

Microblading is a skill, and skills aren’t perfected in a span of a few days. Proper training requires several weeks of training under the guidance of experts. Any school that promises instant knowledge is likely a scam.

Always check students’ reviews of a training school so you’re sure you’re getting quality education.

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