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Choosing which microblading course to take can be confusing. There are tons of choices available—and while that’s a good thing—it can be a little intimidating.

But, hey, it’s time to stop worrying. This short quiz will help you narrow down which courses you should consider getting. Just answer the questions below honestly, and you’re all set. Afterward, we have a guide to help you narrow down your choices even further.

Without further ado…

QUIZ: Which microblading course to take?

INSTRUCTIONS: Read all the statements below. Each one has a corresponding number of stars. For every statement that you agree with, note the number of stars on a piece of paper. At the end of the quiz, count how many stars you’ve collected and read the corresponding results.

☆☆: I have undergone microblading or watched someone undergo microblading.

☆☆☆☆☆: I have taken a previous course in microblading training.

☆: I often read microblading websites or blogs.

☆☆: I have professional training in a different cosmetic field (e.g. hairdressing, nail care, etc.).

☆☆☆: I have more than two years of experience in a different cosmetic field (e.g. hairdressing, nail care, etc.)

☆: I often watch microblading videos on Facebook, YouTube, or other social media sites.

☆☆: I know what color theory is.

☆☆: I know how the Fitzpatrick scale works.

☆☆☆☆: I have performed microblading on a practice skin or dummy skin in the past.

☆☆☆☆☆: I have performed microblading on a real, live client in the past.

4 stars and below: Beginner course

If you don’t have any experience with microblading, then a beginner course is perfect for you! You’ll learn all about the history of microblading and what the industry is like today, plus you get lessons on color theory. But don’t worry, it’s not all talk. You’ll also learn different brushstroke techniques, how to choose clients, and how to market your business.9 stars: Intermediate course

If you have some experience with microblading, then you’ll need courses that will refine your skills. We used to offer intermediate classes, but we’ve since developed our beginner class to be more informative and our advanced class to be more challenging.

If you feel like you lack training in basics, microblading theory, marketing, and client services, then start with our beginner classes.

If you’ve previously taken a beginner class with us, then it’s time to take on an advanced class.

11 stars and above: Advanced course

If you have previously taken a beginner microblading class, then advanced classes are for you. We give you the tools to perfect your brushstrokes, learn how to apply the right amount of pressure, and deal with different kinds of customers. The best part? You get to deal with a real, live client from the time they book an appointment to the day they get their microblading session.

Choosing your areas of focus

To fully expand your skill set, you’ll need more than one expertise. Eyebrow microblading remains the most popular permanent makeup service, but who knows what will catch on next? Get your training in other areas today, so you can get a head start in all things permanent makeup tomorrow.

Most artists learn eyebrow microblading first, but from there, it’s up to you which to study next. Here are the training courses we offer on other microblading areas:

  1. Eyeliner and lip microblading. Learn how to microblade the lash line and the lips in this 2-in-1 class. We offer both beginner and advanced courses in eyeliner microblading and lip microblading. As always, you get to work with real clients, as well as learn the basics and theories behind microblading. See the course pages on both beginner and advanced training classes.
  2. Scalp pigmentation. Help clients bid their baldness goodbye! Scalp pigmentation gives the appearance of stubble, so clients no longer have to feel self-conscious about their heads. Click here to see the course page.
  3. Tattoo removal and color correction. Bad tattoos? Faded tattoos? Our tattoo removal technique is unparalleled, thanks to a lesser risk of scarring. Click here to see the course page.

Deciding on an area of focus depends on your interests and what your market needs. Always conduct research before enrolling in a training course!

Do I really need to get a training course?

Yes! Not only will training courses help you become a better artist, they also help clients trust you. If you were a client, would you choose a microblading artist without formal training over someone who enrolled in courses?

Plus, our training courses orient you about safety standards and sanitation practices. You get acquainted with the different microblading tools, too, instead of just reading about them on the internet.

Get trained by pioneers in the microblading industry today! See our full list of courses here.

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