Writing Microblading Content

If you have your own microblading business, then you know there’s a ton of skills you never realized you’d need. Writing microblading content is one of them.

Being a microblading artist and a microblading business owner are two very different things. Businesses involve accounting, management, marketing, and other specialized skills.

While, ideally, you’re not responsible for all these processes, some business owners opt for staggered hiring through a period of several years. If you’re going that route, too, that means you’ll be in charge of several responsibilities you may or may not be prepared for in the meantime.

This article is here to help. Specifically, it’s a guide to preparing and writing microblading content for your website.

What to write about

Without a doubt, the most intimidating part of the writing process is thinking up a topic. After all, the first step’s always the hardest.

If you’re wondering about what in the world to write about, here’s a helpful guide to choosing a topic for your next blog post.

1. Determine your audience

Who will be reading your blog? What are their interests? Are they middle-aged or millennials? What language do they speak? What terms might be immediately understood by someone in the industry but would be unfamiliar to someone outside of it?

Is your audience composed solely of your clients? Or do you only cater to fellow microblading artists? Perhaps both?

These are just some questions that need answering when you try to get to know your readers.

The way you write depends largely on who you’re talking to. If your audience is young, then you’ll want short, upbeat articles that touch a lot on popular culture. If your audience is more middle-aged, then you want a more professional tone of writing with references that resonate with your readers. It’s the difference between mentioning Ariana Grande or Angelina Jolie.

2. What your audience needs to know

If you have a pulse on your audience, then you should know what they need to know.

As a general rule, you’ll want articles that:

  • explain the basics of microblading
  • walk the reader through the process of microblading
  • explain the role microblading artists play in the process
  • explain the reasoning behind the pricing of your services

If you cater to microblading artists, you’ll also want guides and primers on microblading tools and equipment; licenses and training; client management; and business marketing.

Both search engines and readers appreciate articles that give them new information and add value to their knowledge base.

3. What your audience wants to know

All work and no play makes your audience go on Twitter instead. Spice up their reading list with fun articles that still (subtly) promote your services.

Here are some potential article topics:

  • Makeup or skincare tips and tricks
  • Top 10 lists (of celebrity lips, Game of Thrones eyebrows, red carpet makeup looks, etc.)
  • Quizzes (What eyebrow color best fits your skin tone? Find out today!)
  • Celebrity news

There’s almost always a way to spin entertainment news for your benefit.

Lady Gaga used stick-on brows in A Star is Born? Write an article about that that also discusses why microblading is better than stick-on brows!

Taylor Swift mentioned she used to wear Sharpie as eyeliner? Write an article about why eyeliner microblading is the way to go!

The possibilities are endless.

4. What is your competition saying?

Struggling for topic ideas is part of the job description. If you want some inspiration, check out what your competitors are writing about.

As long as you’re not copying off them, you’re good. Use their articles as jump-off points, or write a better article on a topic they’ve already tackled.

In part 2, we talk about…

…how to write. Now that you have an idea of what to write, the next challenge is putting pen to paper.

Writing may seem scary and new at first, but it’s all about sharing your microblading knowledge in a way that’s entertaining–kind of like talking to a friend!

Keep reading about our writing guide with this next article: Writing about microblading content for your website (Part 2)

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