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Microblading: What You Need To Know Before Getting One

eyebrow microbladingWhat’s the reason why microblading is on treand? For the majority of women, eyebrows play a crucial part in their identity. It’s not surprising if they spend a lot of time and money taking care of their brows. Given this, eyebrow microblading has become exceedingly popular these days. Women who no longer want to spend countless hours waxing, plucking, or filling their brows can simply opt to undergo this cosmetic treatment. Once done, they’ll have a natural looking, full eyebrows, which they’ve always wanted.

Eyebrow microblading has become the go to treatment of women who want to have that semi-permanent and low maintenance option. And even though it’s costlier than just using typical eyebrow products, this procedure has received amazingly positive reviews from enthusiasts and experts alike.

eyebrow microbladingMicroblading is not the same as Traditional Tattoo

Eyebrow microblading may be similar to getting a conventional tattoo but it has its own set of unique characteristics.

Microblading uses tiny needles to add pigments to the skin, which is similar to getting a tattoo. However, traditional tattooing and microblading are different in terms of the depth the ink is added onto the skin. If done correctly, the pigments used during a procedure are made to break down after a certain period of time, which means they eventually fade away. Plus they are added only to the first few layers of the skin. Conventional tattooing, on the other hand, uses a specialized machine that works deeper in the skin.

OPM services ensure you look as good as you once did.Microblading Is A Two-Part Process

During your initial appointment, your artist will talk to you about your expectations as well as your desired eyebrow look. A template will be created based on your facial structure as well as facial features. During that point, you and your artist will make necessary adjustments until you get your preferred eyebrow look. The initial appointment usually take 2 to 2 ½ hours.

After your initial appointment, in about six to eight weeks after your first eyebrow microblading session, your microblading artist will ask you to come back for a followup session. Your artist will see how your skin has healed and make any adjustments in the color or density as required. The second session is about 1 to 1 ½ hour long. You will also need to visit your artist every year for a touchup appointment to maintain your desired eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup MishapIs Eyebrow Microblading Painful?

Generally, patients feel little to almost no discomfort during the procedure. However, they may notice redness as well as mild swelling following the appointment. Most artist use a topical numbing cream before the procedure.

Is Microblading For Everyone

You need to remember that not everyone is an ideal candidate for eyebrow microblading. Women who are pregnant or those who are nursing should not get this procedure. People who are undergoing therapy should finish their treatment first so they won’t be at a greater risk for infection.

If you are still getting treated or perhaps taking medications like blood thinners, be sure to consult your physician first and ask if it is safe for you to undergo the procedure.

eyebrow microbladingYour Skin Type Matters

Eyebrow microblading is more beneficial for people with certain types of skin. So, it is important to do your research first before you get an appointment. Those with drier skin often get the best results. Dry skin retain ink the best and tend to maintain the crispest strokes.  Artists can still work on oily skin but they usually heal a bit softer and they are less crisp.

Microblading Does Not Stop Natural Hair Growth

The procedure does not affect natural hair growth. If done correctly, eyebrow microblading will not have an effect on your natural hair growth.

How Long Does It Take To Heal

You will notice the color to be bolder, sharper, and darker in the first couple of days. Between day 1 and day 5, you will notice minor flaking. If there is scabbing, don’t pick it because if you do, the pigment may be pulled out and this could lead to the loss of color in the affected spot. The healing process for could take one month.

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