Your Future is in OPM Microblading Academy

Do what you love! Well, it’ll be nicer if what you love also pays well?

In Organic Permanent Makeup OPM, we train microblading artists to get paid for a maximum annual salary of $840,000 after training completion.

For starters, all you have to do is to enroll yourself in our microblading academy through the following courses that we offer:


Microblading Academy on Eyebrow Microblading and OMBRE Training
Study a basic course in these two procedures by attending two days hands-on training, at a reduced price of $1, 597. You’ll learn the ropes in depositing the appropriate pigment under the skin to enhance eyebrows. And through OMBRE, you’ll attain unique and diversified learning in achieving beautiful, filled-in eyebrows.


Microblading Academy on Eyebrow Microblading, OMBRE, Eyeliner, and Full-lip Training
Discover the four procedures in three days hands-on training, all at a marked down cost of $2, 797. In addition to the course above, you’ll also acquire insights on eyeliner and full-lip training. With this, you’ll know the secrets of well-shaped and perfectly enhanced eyeliner that brings about the beauty of the eye. You’ll also pick up on the right principles on accentuating natural and beautiful lips, making them perfectly kissable.


Microblading Academy on Scalp Pigmentation
Get $425 worth of products already: scalp extension for OPM machine and a box of five needles, as you take this class at a discounted price of $995. Here, you’ll understand why scalp pigmentation is the ultimate solution for hair loss in a non-surgical way. You’ll also master the craft of analyzing existing hair patterns and the replicates complementing them.


Microblading Academy on Tattoo Removal and Correction
With $75 worth of OPM Eraser and $225 worth correction colors, both, included in your $995 discounted payment, you’ll be able to enjoy the noble feeling of correcting the mistakes of others through removing or fading unwanted tattoos. You’ll be impressed by the wonders that the product OPM Eraser could offer and you’ll grasp the reason why it is the best in the market.  


Microblading Academy on Skin Tag Removal
In this course, you’ll experience one hour of hands-on training and the proper use of an OPM skin tag machine with ten needles included in it. You’ll learn the proper way of removing skin tags effectively and safely, all costing at a marked down price of $995. With this knowledge, you’ll be confident to help a lot of clients in the future who find these little pieces of unwanted and dangling skin really pesky looking on their skin.


OPM microblading academy, with its advanced products, and valuable teachings will undeniably stay strong in this beauty industry, and claiming that you are a graduate of this microblading academy will surely make your career very competitive.

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