Micropigmentation: The confidence-booster and scar eraser you need

Although others consider scars as badges of honor or proof of victory over certain illnesses and accidents, there are people who remain troubled by these white pigments. Scars are mere by-products of the skin’s healing process, but they can still deprive a person of their confidence. This is where OPM micropigmentation comes in.

Scars are everywhere—but they don’t have to be

No matter how careful we are, we’re always vulnerable to skin problems. This may be due to genetics, natural causes, accidents or medical operations. Even acne scars can create white pigments on the face. These pigments also pop up on different areas of the body after undergoing surgical operations.

Some people may feel ashamed of having these scars, so they opt to hide them by using concealer, caps, scarfs and the like.

At OPM, we understand the need for confidence. There’s nothing wrong with hiding scars, just like there’s nothing wrong with flaunting them.

Micropigmentation a.k.a. scar camouflage

Drug store creams can’t really remove scars from people’s prying eyes—we’re sure you’ve tried one too many. So, now, it’s time to consider micropigmentation.

Micropigmentation is the process of hiding scars with the use of organic pigments. With micropigmentation, people will barely notice that you had a scar.

We achieve this using a high-end micropigmentation pen that injects organic ink into the dermal area of the skin. The pen has fine needles, which move up and down at rapid succession, making for a seamless application.

The ink doesn’t change color over time and can mimic the skin color of the client. As a result, the gradual building up of natural color pigment recreates the original skin of the client. This effectively hides the scar.

The operation can last for only 60 minutes. The pigments, meanwhile, could generally last for 2 to 5 years.

Our artists at OPM can design realistic effects so the covered area looks natural—yes, even your freckles and skin texture!

But is micropigmentation safe?

This technology fascinates a good number of our clients. In fact, in our microblading academy, many microblading enthusiasts specifically want to learn about micropigmentation. Our clinic also constantly welcomes individuals who have come to trust in our micropigmentation services.

But some are still skeptical and ask the essential question: Is it safe?

It’s an important question, and we’re glad to say our answer is a confident yes.

Micropigmentation is safe. OPM has been in this industry for many years, and we understand the medical nuances that come with the application of permanent makeup.

What happens during the procedure?

OPM believes that clients should know what they’re signing up for. Here’s how we perform micropigmentation:

First, we arrange an extensive consultation, so the client can share with our Organic Pigmentation Associates certain specifics about their health, choice of ink color and related conditions, like allergies.

During the operation itself, a topical anesthetic is applied in the form of a cream. The anesthetic is applied 30 minutes before the operation, numbing the area surrounding the scar.

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