eyelash glue as eyebrow gel

Miss Universe 2018 Uses Eyelash Glue As Eyebrow Gel

Anyone can find any regular beauty hack on the internet, but it’s not every day that you get makeup advice from the 2018 Miss Universe.

Catriona Gray recently revealed her top beauty tips, including, yes, using eyelash glue as eyebrow gel. Ready to get Miss Universe-worthy eyebrows? Read on to find out more.

When Catriona strutted down the Miss Universe 2018 runway, everybody took notice. How could they not? The gorgeous Filipina in her stunning red dress is a sight to behold. Of course, today, she’s known not just for her world-class beauty, but for her advocacy for children’s rights, as well.

And now, Catriona may just become famous for yet another thing—that’s right, we’re talking about her eyelash glue beauty hack. What’s that all about?

In a video for Vogue, Catriona recreated her Miss Universe coronation night makeup in front of the camera. She goes through everything from her pre-makeup skincare to doing her warm brown smokey eye. And then—lo and behold—she uses eyelash glue to keep her gorgeous eyebrows in place.

We’ve all heard of using glue sticks to hold our brow hairs in place, but lash glue is pretty new to our ears. Catriona described her own eyebrow hairs as long and downward-pointing. For anyone in the same situation, it’s all too familiar how unruly eyebrows can get towards the end of a long day.

Well, if eyelash glue can hold Catriona’s eyebrows through the whole Miss Universe pageant, then it can certainly get us through a day at the office! Here’s how to get the look.

How to use eyelash glue as eyebrow gel

  1. Fill in eyebrows as you usually do. Go through your whole eyebrow makeup routine as you normally would, except you skip the eyebrow gel (obviously). You can fill them in using a pencil or powder as you wish. The lash glue doesn’t damage your eyebrow makeup, so you can safely use whichever products you want.
  2. Put lash glue on! Put a tiny amount of lash glue on the back of your hand. Using a spoolie (a.k.a. a mascara brush), take a little lash glue to your eyebrows. Catriona prefers to comb her lashes with glue using the first swipe before using another few swipes to shape her brows to her liking.

Note that the lash glue dries very quickly, so make sure you’re sure what brow shape you want before you start. Also, don’t be afraid if your eyebrows look a little white from the glue, as the glue dries clear.

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