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5 Ways To Make Your Natural Makeup Stay Natural

These days, people are opting for the natural makeup look. In theory, it should be easy. It’s natural, isn’t it? It should mean it takes little to no effort to pull of. We wish. The natural makeup look isn’t actually as easy as it seems. Lots of times, we’ve dealt with cakey foundation, too bronze bronzer, and nude lipstick that doesn’t even look nude.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can make your natural makeup look actually look natural. Say goodbye to foundation that cracks and eyebrows that look too dramatic. These five tips will make your #wokeuplikethis Instagram selfies really believable.

5 ways you can make your natural makeup look natural:

The base

The key to getting that perfect “natural” dewy skin is by applying moisturizer before anything else. It plumps your skin and gives you something balanced to work with. Think of your face as a canvas — you wouldn’t want to work with something rough, would you?

If you’re worried about the moisturizer adding heaviness to your natural makeup look, fret not! You only need to use a drop of moisturizer to give you that pinkish glow, making your skin look fresh and natural.

Use little concealer

Concealer has the tendency to cake and crack. No natural makeup look should look like that.

When applying concealer, don’t go overboard. You don’t have to cover up all of your imperfections. Just cover up what people would probably notice naturally — not what YOU notice after hours of staring at yourself in the mirror. People, unless they’re creeps, won’t notice every pimple scar or mole on your face. Focus your concealer around the eyes, because that’s where people look when they’re talking to you.

Forget the labels

Makeup brands have the habit of labeling their cosmetics. Some claim to be for “glam nights” while others say they’re perfect for that “sun-kissed beach look”. Don’t pay too much attention to these labels, because makeup is versatile. Eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, eyeliner and everything else can be used for different looks like natural makeup and prom night makeup. You could use an eyeshadow quad named “Sun-kissed” for a night out with your girls.

Sometimes, products that claim to be perfect for natural makeup aren’t pigmented enough, which means they won’t last you half a day. If you can find a palette which has received good reviews, and is known to stay on for hours, you can use its warmer tones for your natural makeup look.

Don’t overdo the mascara

No natural makeup look has ever rocked big, dramatic eyelashes. When applying mascara, use cotton buds dipped in makeup remover to get rid of excess mascara. Your eyes will still look more “alive” but they won’t look too desperate for attention.

The better option? Eyelash enhancement.

Definition, not drama

We get it. Eyebrows are important, and they have to be on fleek all the time. But, what really destroys a natural makeup look are brows that are too dramatic like Instagram brows. When doing your brows, use a pencil instead of a pomade. Fill in your brows lightly, avoiding drawing the outline of the brow. Then, brush your brow hairs upward to create a naturally thick look.