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Nude Lipstick: How To #Slay The Look

Nude lipstick is fabulous. You can dress it up or down however you like. If you want to go glamorous with a smoky eye, you can balance it out with a nude lip. If you want a barely-there, all natural vibe, you can never go wrong with nude lipstick. Nude lipstick seems easy to pull off, but for something so simple, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the right nude lipstick shade for you. The wrong shade can easily wash out your complexion, and you might end up looking like a zombie, or that you accidentally rubbed concealer all over your lips.

And, after choosing your shade, you’ll also have to pick out the finishes. From glosses to velvety mattes, you have endless options when it comes to finishing your pout. Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Zendaya have been known to rock nude lipstick during red carpet events.

Here’s how you can choose the nude lipstick that’s perfect for your skin tone.

How should you choose your nude lipstick?

Start with your skin

Nude isn’t universal. Nude may mean something different to each person. The search for the best nude lipstick begins in the mirror. Look at your reflection and note your natural skin tone. People with lighter skin may want to go for light nude lips, but they should make sure they don’t go lighter than their own skin tone. They might end up making their lips disappear.

Nude lipstick should make you look fresh and not washed out.

Those with darker skin tones should go for caramels or deeper pink nudes. But, they can still pull off a lip color that’s slightly lighter than their foundation. Hints of orange and red also work great on people with dark skin.

Consider your undertones

Most of the time, lipstick in the tube doesn’t look like the lipstick on your lips. The color of your lips will affect the color payoff of your chosen nude lipstick. Typically, people with naturally pigmented lips will find a hard time finding the perfect nude. If you’re one of these people, you’ll want something lighter than your natural lip color.

Make sure it doesn’t match your foundation

If your lipstick matches your foundation, you might as well have applied foundation on your lips. Sweetie, you don’t want to look like a blank canvas. Be sure your lipstick is a shade different than your foundation. This “breaks” the color and really gives definition to your pout.

You could also try lip contouring to help you color inside the lines!

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Be sure to exfoliate

When you’ve finally picked your nude lipstick – congrats, by the way – it’s time to prep your lips. Why do you need to do this, you ask? Because nude lipstick can emphasize your lip’s natural texture and lines. You don’t want your lips to look cracked. Use a lip scrub to eliminate any roughness, and to ensure a smooth lipstick application. Some people prefer covering their entire lip with foundation, but you’re risking your lips looking cakey. Foundation or concealer over the lips should be reserved only if you want your lips to appear bigger. But please, please, please exfoliate if you want your nude lipstick to really “shine”!