5 Old Makeup Trends And Techniques

There are definitely some strange beauty trends that exist, such as “tattooths” and the “A4 waist challenge“. Some of them are all for plain fun, but other old makeup trends have some pretty interesting historical backgrounds. Try imagining women slathering black lacquer all over their teeth, or plucking out all of their eyebrows. Today, those might seem very weird, but back in the day, those old makeup trends were all the rage. It just shows how constantly changing the world of beauty can be. We can only imagine the future makeup and beauty trends — what’s next, purple lip liner and circular eyebrows?

Check out some of these bizarre, old makeup trends:

Old Makeup Trend #1: Unibrows from Goat Hair

The ancient Greeks saw the unibrow as a symbol of intelligence and beauty among women. For those who weren’t born with a unibrow, they would draw between their brows just to connect them, sometimes using materials like dark powder and kohl. Some even made fake brows with the use of goat hair and tree resin! Talk about dedication!

Old Makeup Trend #2: Very Obvious Veins

In pre-revolution France, beauty trendsetters such as Marie Antoinette made pale skin all the rage. And, as you may know, with translucent skin comes very noticeable veins. During this time, women wanted their veins to show through their skin. But, for obvious reasons, no one could force their veins to naturally show. So, what they did was draw on their skin using blue pencil to highlight their veins. We guess they just had to make sure they weren’t washing their hands or arms during the day.

Old Makeup Trend #3: Plucking Eyebrows

Today, most of us would do almost anything to have full, long lashes. We use mascara, go for eyelash enhancement, and eyelash extensions. But, women in the past weren’t that into extra long lashes. They were actually more into foreheads. Yes, we’re serious!

While we’re here contouring away to make our foreheads smallers, women during the Middle Ages wanted their foreheads to look bigger. So, they removed all of their eyebrows to make more space up there.

Old Makeup Trend #4: DIY Blush

In the Victorian Era, the Queen didn’t really like the idea of makeup, and limited it to actors and prostitutes only. Women had to get creative and find DIY ways to achieve pink cheeks and lips. What did they do? They pinched their cheeks and bit their lips. If you’ve tried it before, you’ll know that you really do have to bite and pinch HARD in order to look like you’re naturally blushing. Ouch. Beauty is pain, indeed.

Old Makeup Trend #5: Dead Look

Forget about whitening products. People in the 18th century loved the dead look, which meant you had to look very pale, to the point of looking like a corpse. Achieving it was challenging; they had to use white lead and vinegar, as well as white powder. As a result, they would experience scarring and other illnesses. This deadly look came with deadly consequences, that’s for sure.

Stay current. Go for today’s beauty and beauty trends.

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