OPM Academy: The best in microblading schools

Think of your attempt at combing for microblading schools as a survey of jewelry.

We’re easily fascinated by the brilliance of precious gems—they’re extremely hard to find, while fake ones flood the market like spam emails from Craigslist. A careless purchase of fake gold rings or black market bracelets can lead to a tremendous loss of time, money and energy.

This very principle holds true in the beauty industry. While there are real McCoy schools, there’s a great number of PMU or microblading schools shrouded in deception, controversy and mystery.

Caution: Be careful of eye-catching campaigns

These days, marketing campaigns and advertisements can be very alluring to unsuspecting eyes. Some microblading schools or academies offer relatively cheap training. They promise that, in the span of 2 to 3 days, a student can master the craft of microblading and immediately start earning $200 to $500 an hour.

This is false.

In reality, 2 to 3 days of training is not enough to fully acquire the necessary skills to become a microblading expert. After a few days of half-baked training, many realize that their skills are insufficient—so they go back to the same school and get ripped off again by re-enrolling the same course.

Or worse: they simply give up.

OPM Academy: Tested by time and fire

Like pure gems tested by fire, pressure and time, OPM Academy has established itself through years of hard work.

We’ve had a reputation to maintain—and we’ve delivered.

We tell it like it really is: students have to undergo 2 to 3 months (or at least 300 hours) of formal training before they can fully be confident of their skills.

We don’t pretend that we can teach you how to be a microblading expert in less than a week. No one can do that.

OPM Academy doesn’t want you to grope in the dark, so we make sure that, aside from the theoretical aspect of the training, you also have hands-on experience under the guidance of experts in the field.

Though some may find the training rigorous, OPM Academy remains firm: we won’t rush your training. Given that we work on the human face, a mistake is the very thing we should be avoiding. Better we bleed in training than vanish in war—although we don’t mean that literally.

Breaking down our methodology

Microblading training can be hard. It’s a skill one has to cultivate not only in a few months but for years. So when you enter the portal of our academy, we follow the effective OPM Academy 3-step learning system:

Step 1

First: our hands-on training, where we show you everything you need to know about the career, plus all the steps you need to make artistic microblading patterns and design. This is where experts demonstrate their very expertise.

Step 2

The second step is where you perfect what we showed you. This is your time to hone your art and your skills. We ensure students have 150-200 hours of practice, with weekly homework to boot.

We also provide video materials, so you can learn in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. All this, of course, under the supervision and support of our master artists.

Step 3

The third step in the program—that no other microblading schools provide—is where you put your practice in action. We increase your confidence and your ability to perform the job the right way.

In step 3, you take on a client from start to finish. This is where you learn how to determine client needs, find counterindications, pick the right clients for you, and upsell your service to earn from your hard work.

Continuing learning: Beyond microblading schools

Done with the 3 steps? Well, that’s not all we have for you. After undergoing our training, we embrace you as part of our family.

Yes, you read that right. You can be a microblading professional for OPM Academy. Be part of our team and have your portfolio and profile on our website—the works!

And even if you don’t choose to join OPM Academy, you can continue to visit us, talk with our masters and mentors, and even attend our classes for FREE!

Now, that’s what we call a deal.

At OPM Academy, we believe that your success is our success as well. Remember: top-notch microblading schools are gems, but at OPM Academy, we make sure you shine as bright as we do.

We’re the real deal. Join OPM Academy!

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