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Oregon woman sues makeup artist for bad microblading job

An Oregon-based woman is suing her permanent makeup artist for the bad microblading job that is confining her to her home—Heidi Sausser, 37, now can not leave her home without covering up her brows.

Sausser’s salon gave her what the internet calls “Sharpie brows”, or brows that look like they were drawn on with permanent marker. These brows look extremely unnatural, almost cartoonish, and are very difficult to cover up.

She is suing salon owner Jenny Day $10,000. Day owns Totally Polished, the salon where Sausser’s brows went to get her brows microbladed.

“They look awful,” Sausser told the Bend Bulletin. “They’re totally uneven. They’re blurry and blotchy.”

She added, “They’re gray…this was never supposed to happen. I’m a natural person. I don’t like to wear makeup.”

“I don’t even know how to do makeup very well,” she said.

How the bad microblading job came to be

Sausser first began going to Totally Polished for her nails, but one day, she asked Day if there was a way she could get fuller brows and get a more natural look.

According to Sausser, Jenny Day worked on her brows with a tattoo gun in a total of four sessions amounting to $275 to $350 each session.

The tattoo produced scabs, Sausser said, which fell off and revealed her “Sharpie brow”.

Sausser tried to get her brows fixed. She went to Susan Gruber of Bend’s Permanent Makeup. Although Gruber was unable to fix the brows, she did write a letter of support.

“[Sausser] wanted help, but there was no way I could help her out, as much as I hate to turn anyone away,” Gruber wrote. “Personally, in the 25-plus years I have done permanent makeup, I have never personally seen such a horrendous job.”

“If that was my work on her face, I would not be in business anymore,” she added.

According to Gruber, the brows were of different shapes. Day also used two different black pigments to draw on the brows. And to think—microblading should never involve black pigments.

Sausser said she had not heard of the technique before she received her bad microblading job.

The court scheduled the hearing for early October.

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How to avoid a bad microblading job

Don’t let one bad microblading job scare you—microblading is safe and effective. Here’s how to make sure you never get “Sharpie brows”:

1. Never agree to an impromptu beauty procedure

Whether it’s permanent makeup or a simple haircut, don’t give in to good sales talk or the thrill of an on-the-spot decision.

Don’t take beauty procedures lightly, especially if they involve anything permanent. Research the procedure, and sleep on your decision. You might wake up and realize you never wanted it in the first place.

2. Find a certified permanent makeup artist

If you’re nowhere near Organic Permanent Makeup in LA where all our microblading artists are world-class experts, do your homework. Ask your permanent makeup artist where they trained on microblading, and read reviews about their healed microblading jobs.

Freshly-done microblading job reviews might be misleading—always look for client testimonials from a few weeks after the procedure.

Never settle for a bad microblading job—ever. Contact Organic Permanent Makeup and ask about our roadshows. We might be visiting your state soon!

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