Organic Microblading

Organic Microblading: The Answer To Nature’s Call

The first mission of microblading was to help cancer survivors. Since these survivors lose so much of their eyebrows through harsh chemotherapy, beauty professionals sought a solution. That’s why we have organic microblading today.

Organic microblading is the natural solution to hair loss for the reason that it’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s even good for the environment.

Organic microblading pigments are 100% non-harmful. They’re compatible with all skin types. The skin also easily absorbs these pigments. As a result, organic microblading is the better alternative to microblading.

Organic microblading has no dangerous chemicals.

Inorganic pigments contain iron oxide, which has nickel. This then causes an allergic reaction in some people. Reddish skin brought about by an allergy is certainly not an indication that you look your best!

Other suspicious personal beauty care products even contain cancer-linked and Alzheimer’s disease-causing ingredients.

Organic microblading uses organic mineral- or vegetable-based pigments, which have no reported allergic reactions as far as the statistics show.

Aside from our ingredients being safe, they also undergo an extensive process. Our organic pigments are subjected to extreme heat, which turns them into a powdered form they can later mix to a base.

Remember: your skin absorbs topically-applied chemicals. Inorganic pigments can damage your skin and your health so much more if they’re microbladed into your skin!

Therefore, it pays to be extra vigilant when choosing your product.

Organic microblading is ecologically friendly.

Inorganic pigments contain nickel. As we all know, we mine nickel. Other necessary chemicals in their production process also rely heavily on the mining sector.

It’s no secret that extensive mining destroys animals’ natural habitat—it’s simply not worth the environmental risk.

While mining companies comply strictly with state regulations, isn’t it that prevention is better than cure? When we lessen the consumption of these minerals by using sustainable ingredients, we therefore help Mother Nature preserve her beauty.

Say no to any risks to your own health and to our environment! By supporting organic microblading, you can be sure that you are making yourself and the world more beautiful than ever before.