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Everything You Need To Know About Organic Microblading Healing Time

Microblading healing time is what usually makes people hesitant to try and undergo permanent makeup procedure.

It’s hard to blame them, really. Many people are held back by fear and worry about the pain they might experience for weeks after the procedure. And it’s not only that; your clients might also be concerned about how their eyebrows will look during the healing process.

What if they get their eyebrows done a week before a big wedding? Or their daughter’s graduation?

Consider this article both a guide and a warning. When it comes to organic microblading healing time, you need to set aside a few weeks—at the very least.

Regular permanent makeup healing time takes more than a month.

Different people heal at different rates. Generally, regular permanent makeup takes around 4 or 5 weeks for the treated area to fully heal and recover.

After the microblading procedure and in the following week, the eyebrows might have some slight bleeding and might appear a little bit darker. And it might get even darker in the next days, as scabs begin to form. The scabs might feel itchy, and you might get tempted to rub them or pick them.

However, picking at scabs is strongly discouraged. Why? Because within these scabs are pigments. Picking them means pulling out pigments out of your treated area prematurely.

But not to worry—the eyebrows will heal and the color will lighten up as they heal.

Organic microblading healing time takes less than a week!

3D Eyebrow Microblading

What makes OPM unique and, dare we say: better, than regular permanent makeup is that microblading healing time takes significantly less time to heal.

The #1 organic microblading and permanent makeup provider—founded by Lorine Mikheail, BSN, RFN, FNP—found the solution to all the challenges presented by the regular permanent makeup industry.

OPM uses organic pigments, state-of-the-art technology, and safe and effective techniques that make us of a kind. We present good quality results, minimal to no pain, and a short healing time.

At OPM, we use organic pigments

OPM Organic Pigments

OPM is the pioneer in using organic pigments for permanent makeup. Our pigments are made from natural ingredients, formulated for each skin type. There is no alcohol and no iron oxide in our pigments. They’re gentle to the skin, giving less risk of getting an allergic reaction. That also means a shorter healing time.

Organic pigments are also 100% smudge-free. They promise no bleeding in the treated area, because of the mineral- and water-based organic pigments. The pigments also last two to five years without discoloration, with proper maintenance and aftercare.

OPM has an exclusive permanent makeup machine.

OPM’s state-of-the-art machine is digital and magnetic—and it rotates, which makes it safe and efficient for microblading. Yep: no damage and no bleeding. This makes the healing time significantly shorter than that of the regular permanent makeup procedure.

The machine also has just the right thin blades, which glide over the delicate skin to produce fine cuts. These also promote faster healing time.

OPM practices safe and effective techniques in microblading procedure.

Microblading Procedure

OPM’s microblading artists have undergone extensive, proper training. This is to make sure that your OPM experience is comfortable and safe. OPM makes sure all their artists receive the right training needed to succeed in the industry; they are certified in microblading and well-versed in sanitation and sterilization.

Our artists are knowledgable of the depth and pressure appropriate for the thickness of the epidermis in the eyebrow area. They know how delicate the skin is, and they practice tenderness in performing the procedure, making healing time faster than that of regular microblading procedures.

At OPM, we value the comfort and safety of our clients. That means you can jump back to your regular daily routine after your organic microblading procedure.

No need to worry about the discomfort in your eyebrow area or how your eyebrow looks. With due diligence in following microblading aftercare procedures, you will achieve the ideal microblading healing time of less than a month.

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