Organic scalp pigmentation is safe and convenient.

Organic Scalp Pigmentation VS. Hair-Building Fibers

Organic scalp pigmentation (OSP) is a non-surgical hair loss solution. But is it the best option for those looking to have thicker, denser hair?

One of organic scalp pigmentation’s competitors is the hair-building fiber, another possible solution to hair loss problems. It promises to give you thicker-looking hair, hide thinning hair, and do away with a receding hairline.

Organic scalp pigmentation, on the other hand, involves the micro-insertion of organic pigments into the epidermal layer of your scalp.

So, which one is better? It’s time to find out.


Hair-building fiber usually comes in powder form. Different brands have different manners of application; some need dabbing, while others need spraying or shaking. These powders are firmly attached to your hair through the electrostatic charge.

The downside to hair-building fibers is that they usually come with a bunch of other products: one that keeps the fiber in place; another that makes it penetrate deep into the hair; and another one in-charge of making the hair more natural-looking.

For someone looking for a convenient hair loss solution, that’s a lot.

Organic scalp pigmentation, on the other hand, needs only that you attend an hour or two of procedure under the hands of expert beauty enhancement professionals. After that, you’ll have great-looking hair for three to five years.

A touch-up will further give you another three to five years. So, the possibility of having it for a lifetime is very real.

No more hassle of daily application; OSP is convenient and handled by experts.


Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that is the main component of most hair-building fibers. But not all brands stick to just keratin; some contain ammonium chloride.

This chemical functions as a preservative. That meant it’s only a small percentage of the total product composition. Still, its effect is accumulative. This is especially true if you use the product frequently and you apply a lot of it everyday.

If you experience persistent headaches, sudden aching muscles and unexplained heart palpitations, then you should definitely get yourself to a doctor. And stop using hair-building fibers, too.

With organic scalp pigmentation, you won’t need to worry about any risks at all. Our OPM pigment comes from a US-patented formula, meaning it strictly complies with all existing environment and health regulations. It’s purely organic, too, so you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals.

Verdict: Organic scalp pigmentation wins

At OPM, we believe that having thicker hair doesn’t have to come with the price of day-to-day inconvenience and health risks.

This is why organic scalp pigmentation is still the leading procedure when it comes to hair loss solutions.

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