lily collins eyebrow looks in selfies

In The Spotlight: Our Favorite Lily Collins Eyebrow Looks In Selfies

In the Spotlight features the best brows on the internet—and gives advice on how to steal their look, too. This installment trains its sights on one of the decade’s biggest brow goals. Here’s the best of Lily Collins eyebrow looks in selfies.


“An adorable, sensational, almost perfect face for cinema; think Audrey Hepburn with the eyebrows of Liam Gallagher.”

And so this was how the world came to know Lily Collins. The Daily Telegraph’s rave review of the film Mirror Mirror (2012) perfectly sums up the beauty and grace of the 29-year-old British-English actress.

Of course, Lily was around way before her acting debut. In fact, she began her humble career in the entertainment industry as a writer and a model.

As a teenager, Lily wrote a column called “NY Confidential” for the British magazine Elle Girl. She also covered the 2008 US presidential elections for Nickelodeon. And, just a year prior, she debuted in the Bal des débutantes, a highly exclusive French fashion event where some of the world’s biggest models started their careers.

But perhaps Lily’s true entrance to Hollywood was when her rock star father Phil Collins wrote the song ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’ from the Disney movie Tarzan (1999) for her.

“That song is very, very close to me,” she confided in an old interview with The Daily Mail.

But regardless of how and when Lily Collins’ star began to shine, one thing now is clear: she’s here to stay.

Our favorite Lily Collins eyebrow looks in selfies

Perhaps one thing the general public doesn’t know about Lily is that she takes the absolute best selfies. Thanks in part, perhaps, to the fact that her brows are always front and center.

Certainly, Lily Collins is more than just her fabulous eyebrows. She’s starred in the novel adaptation The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) and Love, Rosie (2014). She’s also released her own book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.

Lily’s a wildly successful, multi-talented artist—but it’s hard not to fixate on those gorgeous arches.

So, today, we indulge. Scroll down and feast your eyes on the perfection that is Lily Collins’ eyebrow looks in selfies.

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Pony tales…

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Halo of hair…

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Shooting in style…

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Friday night brights…

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When Sunday night is really your Saturday night…

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What to AVOID to get Lily’s brows

In 2017, Lily confided that she once “hacked off” her eyebrows to try and fit in.

“I think we all wanna fit in at a young age, and we all do things about ourselves that we think are different to fit in better. And one of those things were my eyebrows,” she told InStyle magazine. “They were so bold. They were very big on my face. And, as a kid, I wanted to change that.”

“So I took it upon myself to kind of hack them away,” she confided.

Luckily, her mom gave her the pep talk she needed: “You need to accept the quirky things that make you different,” Lily’s mom told her. “It’s the things that make you stand out that make you unique.”

Word of advice: always leave it to the pros

So, if you’re ever tempted to try your hand at shaping your brows by yourself, we have one word for you: don’t. If you really want Instagram-worthy brows, never skimp on a brow grooming session. Trust a pro.

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