Met Gala 2019 Looks

Our Favorite Met Gala 2019 Looks

Nothing gets the internet abuzz like the annual MET Gala.

Once a year, our favorite Hollywood celebrities don red carpet couture in accordance with the year’s MET Gala theme.

The MET Gala is a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA)’s Costume Institute. Of course, it also doubles as a venue for celebs and fashion icons to flex their style.

This year, the gala celebrates “camp,” as it was described by Susan Sontag in her 19 essay Notes on “Camp.”

“[Camp is] the love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration…style at the expense of content…the triumph of epicene style.”

Susan Sontag, Notes on “Camp”

Speaking about the year’s theme, MoMA director Max Hollein said, “Camp’s disruptive nature and subversion of modern aesthetic values has often been trivialized.”

“But this exhibition will reveal its profound influence on both high art and pop culture,” he told Vogue UK.

And like everyone else with a Twitter account, we avidly watched, deliberated, and voted on our favorite MET Gala looks down the pink carpet.

Here’s our list.

Ezra Miller

A sight to behold, Ezra Miller’s striking “eye” makeup and overall look was a collaboration between the actor and Burberry creative director Riccardo Tisci.

“The celebration of camp is almost funeral…It’s almost like it dies as it walks in the room,” Ezra told Garage.

He certainly played the part, in a tailored black suit, a majestic train, and diamond-encrusted Oxfords. His five additional eyes and red lip are striking and a little disconcerting, not to say anything of his handheld mask.

To think this is Ezra’s first MET Gala. Now, we can’t wait to see the next one.

Janelle Monae

Ever wondered what the Mad Hatter would look like if he studied art history and fashion design? Well, now you know.

Continuing the “eye” theme is singer-songwriter and fashion aficionado Janelle Monae. Donning four hats and a Christian Siriano Picasso-inspired gown, Janelle somehow treaded the fine lines intersecting camp, couture, and art.

Her low-key makeup lets her outfit shine and confirms that when it comes to fashion, Janelle is a pro.

Billy Porter

“Star-studded” is an understatement when you have Cleopatra joining the party.

Six shirtless men carried Billy Porter down the carpet in a golden litter, because why would a queen walk among commoners?

Billy’s look is said to be inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, the Sun God, and Cher, and we don’t doubt it. From the golden headpiece to the golden body suit to the golden wings, this look was fit for fashion royalty.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan or Cersei Lannister?

Speaking of royalty, the young Oscar award-winning actress looked like a queen in her own right tonight. The high shoulder and intricate detail was almost Game of Thrones-esque, but her laidback wavy hair spoke modern and sophisticated.

Saoirse made bright red, green, and gold look nowhere near Christmas-y, which is a wonder in of itself. Plus, whoever did her makeup deserves a raise, as it both complements the gorgeous Gucci gown and brings out her eyes.

Is her MET Gala 2019 look as campy as the others? Maybe not. Do we love it still? Definitely.

Also, did you see those eyebrows? Total goals.

Jordan Roth

If “camp” means men get to veer away from their usual suits, then we kind of hope Hollywood gets campier and campier.

Broadway producer Jordan Roth donned a dramatic, vampire-esque cape that, with Jordan’s arms wide open, reveals itself to be a stage.

His slick sleeked-back hair and dark eyeshadow elevate the look and make it high fashion.

“The moment I knew the theme of this year’s #MetGala would be camp, I knew I wanted my look to be both about performance and a performance in itself,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Camp” made one of fashion’s biggest nights bigger. What was your favorite MET Gala 2019 look?