Peels & Facials

Face peels remove top layers of skin to exfoliate and expedite cell turnover.

When new cells are formed, this creates a new layer of skin—one that is fresh and smooth. Face peels can improve skin’s texture, even skin tone, minimize fine lines, and clear up acne by unclogging pores. One problem they can’t fix, contrary to popular belief: scarring (only lasers can to do that). Another misconception? Face peels cause skin to overproduce oil and become more acne-prone. Not true, according The key, is choosing the right peel for your skin problem.

When you come for your facial / peel consultation, we will customize a treatment that your face will need 


Customized Facial:  (60min) $95

Teen Facial:  (30min) $350

Derma Peel Facial:  (75min) $550

Microdermabrasian Facial: (75 min) $125

Oxygen Facial: (75 min) $145

Extractions:  $65

Derma Peel A la carte: $75

Microdermabrasian A la carte: $75