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Permanent Eyeliner: What You Need To Know Before Getting One

permanent eyelinerAre you considering permanent eyeliner? Perhaps you hate applying eyeliner every day or maybe you can’t do so accurately? Good news! You can have a permanent eyeliner! But before you go searching for an artist who offers this service, there are a few important things you need to know.

Is Permanent Eyeliner Like The Conventional Tattoo?

The first thing you have to remember is that permanent eyeliner is not really permanent

. It’s just a term that is used within the industry. If you really want to be technical and accurate, it is actually semi-permanent. Why is that? Experts reveal that the procedure is considered permanent in a way that the pigment will stay on the client’s skin forever. However, the color’s longevity and visibility would fade eventually.

Unlike traditional tattoo, semi-permanent eyeliner is a process wherein the ink is applied only into the first layers of the skin. The pigment used for regular body tattoos are made differently and they go a lot deeper into the body.

permanent eyelinerPermanent Eyeliner: Risks and Contraindications

Apart from the difference in the type of pigments and methods used, how they prepare for the application is just like performing a typical tattoo. Therefore, it carries the same risk as any regular tattoo. Given that, the permanent or semi-permanent eyeliner, to be exact, has the same risks and contraindications.

You should also stop taking blood thinners at least three days before the procedure. These include Advil, aspirin, fish oils, as well as certain vitamins to reduce the possibility of bleeding.

If you plan to undergo Botox or other kinds of injections within the eye area, you have to do way before getting a permanent eyeliner. You also need to be fully healed, at least two weeks before you get an appointment for a permanent eyeliner.

If you are expecting a child or nursing, or perhaps you have illnesses like diabetes, you may not be an ideal candidate for the procedure. In case you are taking some medications, always talk to your doctor first before pushing through with your plans of undergoing permanent or semipermanent eyeliner.

If you are using Accutane or other kinds of retinoids, you have to be off the medication at least six months before you can get the procedure.

permanent eyelinerHow Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Take?

The duration of the procedure will depend on how thick the client wants the eyeliner to be. In case they would like to have a conventional eyeliner, it could be finished in an hour. However, if they prefer to have a cat eye, then the procedure, including the numbing and predrawing phase, will take more time.

Lash Extensions and Contact Lenses

Remove your lash extensions at least one week before getting a permanent eyeliner. Leaving the extensions or taking it out a few days only before getting the procedure means there could be glue that’s left behind, which may interfere with the pigment.

In case you are wearing contact lenses, you have to remove them before getting the procedure. Also, remember that you won’t be able to wear them a few days after the procedure because your eyes may feel tender or swollen after the procedure.

Does It Hurt?

Before the actual procedure, a numbing cream will be applied to the area. Once it starts to take effect, you should not feel any pain throughout the process.

However, you also need to remember that everyone has different pain tolerance. What may be minimally uncomfortable for you may feel very painful to others.

permanent eyelinerHow Long Does It Take To Heal?

Is there any downtime after getting a permanent eyeliner? There’s none. You can do your daily tasks right away after the procedure. But, you cannot wear makeup like mascara. You can’t go to pools or saunas.

You may notice scabbing as the eyeliner heals but it’ll be minimal. If you see that happening in your eyelid, you must not pick it off. You should also avoid rubbing or touching your eyes as they heal to reduce the risk of infection.

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