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Here’s Why Everyone’s Getting Permanent Lips For The Summer

Summer is the season for looking good all day long. Whether you’re hitting the beach, the gym, or the hiking trail, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look gorgeous anyway.

For some of us, makeup helps us find the self-confidence we need to seize the day. That’s why going outdoors can be a source for anxiety. No matter how water-proof and sweat-proof our lipstick claims to be, the drawn-on lip color still ends up abandoning us by sundown.

Enter permanent lips. You might know them as “lip microblading” or “lip microfeathering,” but the premise is the same. Your lips look fantastic—permanently. That’s the permanent lip promise.

And summer is the perfect season for permanent lips. Here’s why.

What are permanent lips?

Permanent lips might sound scary. After all, what if the ‘my lips but better’ look becomes passe in a few years’ time? No one wants an outdated face full of makeup!

No doubt, there are quite a few misconceptions about permanent lips on the internet. So, here’s the real deal.

Permanent lips refer to microbladed lips. ‘Microblading’ is a tattooing technique that uses tiny, tiny strokes to color the lips (or eyebrow or eyeliner). This technique allows for a natural-looking, gorgeous effect.

And don’t get intimidated by the thought of tattooed-on lips. You won’t end up looking like you used Sharpie as lipstick. Instead, you’ll look as fabulous as this:

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Microbladed lips need to be touched-up once a year, which also doubles as an opportunity to update your look with whatever is trending at the time!

The microblading procedure

The whole process involves only a few steps:

  1. Consultation. Get expert advice from microblading artists about what color looks good on you or whether you should overline your lips a bit.
  2. Get prepped. Microblading artists apply a topical numbing agent that minimizes the discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  3. Get permanent lips. The microblading artist uses a digital or a manual tool to deposit ink pigments into your lips.

And that’s it! The whole process takes less than an hour. You could even come in during a work lunch break, and then attend a meeting with brand new permanent lips. It’s that convenient!

Benefits of microblading

Of course, the convenience of the procedure is secondary to all the real benefits of having permanent lips.

  • No more self-consciousness. If your natural lip color makes you worry that you look dead, permanent lips are the solution. You can now step out the house without putting on lip tint, lip gloss, or lipstick!
  • Long-lasting. With proper maintenance and aftercare, your microbladed lips will last you up to two whole years. Annual touch-ups will keep the color for longer. That’s like trading your arsenal of lipsticks for a once-a-year appointment!
  • Safe and risk-free. Unlike other, more invasive procedures, microblading doesn’t present tons of dangerous health risks.
  • Great color selection. Worried about the perfect lip shade? Don’t be! Permanent lip color options are varied and diverse. Perfect for all skin colors!

Who should get permanent lips?

Permanent or microbladed lips are perfect for men and women of all ages who want better-looking lips!

However, the reason we recommend lip microblading for the summer is that, unlike regular lipstick, microbladed lips don’t fade.

You don’t have to worry about looking pale while working out at the gym or while sunbathing under the sun. Microbladed lips are perfect for girls on the go!

Microblading is also an ideal option for girls who don’t like or know how to put on their own makeup. If you don’t have time to keep up with all the Instagram makeup trends, then have a professional do it for you. And like we mentioned, annual touch-ups keep your look fresh and current. No more outdated glossy lips for you!

Where to get permanent lips?

There’s a growing number of microblading artists all over the country, but of course, we’d recommend only the best.

Organic Permanent Makeup isn’t just a microblading expert. We’re a pioneer in the business.

Our founder and owner made the big leap from harmful, metal-based ink pigments to organic ink pigments. At OPM, you get permanent lips that:

  • last longer than traditional microblading ink
  • are safer and carry even less risks
  • have a wider variety of colors
  • are vegan and environment-friendly!

Our organic ink pigments use minerals and food dye as their base, so you’re sure you’re only getting all-natural ingredients.

Get permanent lips today!

Speak with an expert microblading artist today. Our expert technicians love answering questions and explaining why OPM’s lip microblading procedure is the absolute best in the business.

Call us at 310-207-7797 or book an appointment online.