Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup In 2018

Ever woke up feeling too tired to put on makeup but would not dare to go outside knowing that your eyebrows are MIA? Or that you snoozed your alarm way too many times and saw that you just have enough time to brush your teeth and dress up to catch your 9:00 meeting? Frankly, this has happened, happening, or will happen (and I promise you it will) to all of us. These times we just wish that we could have our eyebrows on fleek 24/7, our lips plump and ready the minute we wake up. But knowing that we live in 2018, we know this is possible through permanent makeup, right? Well yeah of course. And then you suddenly remember an image of a beloved elderly, probably in her late 60s, with a stamped standard eyebrow that does not exactly fit her face shape.

A memory such as this may be a show stopper for some of us interested in permanent makeup. I mean nobody wants to have a stamped blue eyebrow in the world of Instagram #browgoals right? Well actually, it’s already 2018 and not 1980s which means that we have pretty much advanced our knowledge on the science and the art of permanent makeup. Of course when you Google “permanent makeup,” you’ll find a myriad of choices available to get your everlasting eyebrows, liners, and lips. But why search for it when we can already give you the answer right here and right now?

permanent makeup

Introducing OPM, which stands for organic permanent makeup. Yup, you’ve read that right ladies! Organic permanent makeup is the next generation of cosmetic tattooing. What is it you may ask? To start off, Organic Permanent makeup is a revolutionary system of special mineral and water based pigments formulated to fit all skin types. Its application includes a high tech machine that uses magnetic forces to gently penetrate the skin without bringing any damage, bleeding, or trauma.

OPM Organic Pigments

Unlike the common inks offered by most clinics and salons today, OPM’s pigment does not contain any alcohol and iron oxide. Their pigment is the first of its kind in the market today as it is the only skin ink that is organic, water based, and vegan.This assures any of its customers a 100% safe and natural permanent makeup. But it does not end there. The quality of their makeup is also one of the best, if not THE best, in the beauty industry today because not only is it organic, but it is also smudge-free, does not change color through time, and lasts up to 5 long years all because OPM ink has a much higher pigment load than any other ink. As the pigment of OPM is water based, our skin easily absorbs  ink thus its application is very smooth and non-irritating. Damaging the skin tissue Inserting the pigment deep into the skin isn’t necessary as it goes in the epidermis layer so fast without damaging.

Organic Permanent Makeup

In a world where our choices matter, our decisions affect our everyday lives, and the outcomes to shape our happiness, we have to go to the clear choice. And when it comes to permanent makeup, your beauty, your health, and your personal confidence, we have to go for OPM products. It’s a no-brainer to achieve that effortless natural look.

So okay, just sleep for five more minutes. Rest in your bed for a good few minutes. You know that you’re ready to go out that door confidently with your natural permanent makeup!