eyebrow pigment

Finding The Eyebrow Pigment Color For You

Here at Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM), we believe everyone deserves the chance to look good and feel good. Our non-toxic organic-based products promote natural wellness and embrace individual diversity. Using the Fitzpatrick skin type scale, our excellent team of world-class professionals produced five OPM eyebrow pigment colors to fit every shade.

Know the right eyebrow pigment for your permanent makeup!

Eyebrow pigment for every woman

OPM 1 – Ivory White

This pigment is suitable for Type 1 Fitzpatrick skin type often associated with freckles and light, pale white skin typical of Irish and Scottish descent. A perfect match for people with red and blond hair, you cannot go wrong with this regal shade.

OPM 2 – Fair Light

This pigment works best with sandy hair and white fair skin common to people of Northern European descent. Whether you aim to wear your best poker face or show off your latest fashion style, this shade is fit for all occasions.

OPM 3 – Golden Beige

A balance between simplicity and sophistication, this flexible shade is a well-made match for fair and olive brown skin prevalent in people of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin descent. With this shade, expressing oneself through permanent makeup has never been more engaging and fun.

OPM 4 – Brown

Crafted for olive and modern brown skin typical of Hispanic and Indian descent, this pigment certainly enhances your best features. Nothing leaves a more lasting impression than a well-raised eyebrow in the best shade—that and the right attitude.

OPM 5 Dark Brown

Don’t let this seemingly common appearance fool you. This pigment, specifically made for people with Type 5 and Type 6 skin type mostly associated with people of African descent, makes an everyday look class and with style.

So what are you waiting for? Try one of our five OPM eyebrow pigment shades now! Permanent organic makeup leads to permanent, less maintenance, longer-lasting results.