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Permanent Makeup: How We Do It the Organic Way

The best way to look natural is to use natural. That’s why, here at OPM, we exclusively use non-toxic, organic, mineral- and water-based materials to create our permanent makeup products.

With our state-of-the-art permanent makeup equipment and world-class, highly trained professionals, our products ensure that you receive the quality service you deserve.

Here’s how we do it:

Natural plant-based pigments

All OPM products have organic ingredients from plants such as beets, saffron, and jaguar fruit. These produce red, yellow, and blue pigments respectively.

We also use original formulae created by OPM pioneer and founder Lorine Mikheail. This creates an inclusive, expansive color palette that ensures a natural blend suitable for all skin types.

Using organic materials not only guarantees a richer, more concentrated, and more durable color, but it also provides a safer, healthier option for your body and skin.

Most inks sold in the market and used in permanent makeup are metallic-based, containing iron oxides. These inks are more susceptible to fading and could change into unnatural colors (such as pink, green, or yellow) in time.

Metal absorption and possible allergic reactions could also result from the use of lead- and iron-based pigments.

By using OPM products, we prevent unnecessary complications and ensure you achieve the natural look you desire.

Exclusive permanent makeup equipment

During the application of organic permanent makeup, your face shape, skin undertone, and personal preferences are taken into consideration.

Our artists use microblading tools which come in different blade shapes to mimic brow strokes and obtain your desired natural, effortless look.

For scalp pigmentation and medical micro-pigmentation procedures, we’ve developed the OPM machine to be safe and high quality.

The OPM machine’s high speed, combined with its magnetic features, allow for procedures to have the utmost precision plus minimal discomfort and bleeding, and fast recovery.

Furthermore, the OPM Machine has a cross-contamination protection system to ensure your hygienic safety.

World-class training

No matter the quality, microblading and permanent makeup could go wrong more ways than one with improper handling and insufficient training.

Here at OPM, our artists and technicians are nothing less than world-class. All of our artists have received intensive, proper, hands-on training from the best in the field to ensure that you obtain the best results without compromising your safety and health.

In fact, you can also be part of our growing family by joining the OPM Academy.

Looking natural doesn’t have to be difficult. With OPM’s organic products, exclusively designed equipment, and world-class training, rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Choose to look and be your best.

Go for permanent change.

Choose the organic way to beauty.

Got any questions? Visit our FAQ page or Contact us. Meanwhile, check out the services and products we have to offer to begin your way to permanent, long-lasting change.