Organic Permanent Eyebrows

Resurrect Your Brows With Organic Permanent Eyebrows

Aging doesn’t have to mean looking less gorgeous.

As we age, our brows start looking thinner and less defined. But no worries, because with microblading, you get organic permanent eyebrows that can keep up with you, so you’re youthful both on the inside and the outside.

Our skin goes through lots of changes as our years on earth pile up. We’re no strangers to the knowledge that wrinkles, freckles, and age spots begin popping up as we grow older.

But what else can we expect to happen as the years go by?

Some of the changes we experience as we age:

  • Our skin becomes thinner, so blood vessels are more visible.
  • Pores become bigger and are more visible.
  • Our hairlines retreat, so we start looking like we have bigger foreheads.
  • The tips of our noses begin drooping. The connective tissue supporting nasal cartilage weakens.
  • Ears grow longer because the cartilage within also elongates.
  • Fat in our foreheads, temples, cheeks, and around the eyes and mouth start to lose volume. The fat also clumps up and shifts downward, so features sink and sag.
  • The lower half of the face gains fat. The chin and neck area begins to look baggy.

Apart from structural changes, there are also other transformations that go on with our skin.

Beneath the surface, collagen and elastic fibers begin to degrade. These are what allow skin to stretch, so older skin is less elastic than younger skin.

Hyaluronic acid also decreases over time, which leaves the skin rougher and dryer, increasing the need for moisturizer.

Aging skin retains less water, as well, so it becomes dryer and thinner. Chances of irritation and infection increase. Wounds heal slower, too.

To add to that, our eyebrows go through their own ordeal. Here’s what happens to our arches when we age.

Changes in our eyebrows as we age:

  • Eyebrow color becomes significantly lighter, even turning gray in some cases.
  • Eyebrows start looking thinner.
  • Our arches lose their once well-defined shapes, due to years of waxing, threading, and tweezing.
  • Eyebrow hair grow a little longer and needs trimming.

The older we get, the more grooming and maintenance our eyebrows need.

However, it gets progressively harder to care about what we look like as the years go by. After all, we have more important priorities and more pressing problems than trimming our brows.

That’s why eyebrow microblading is your best bet for retaining your brows’ youth.

Microblading for organic, permanent eyebrows

Imagine if you never had to touch up or draw on your brows every single time you left the house. You could wake up and shower without so much as looking in the mirror–and still look good.

That’s the principle microblading was built upon. With our busy lives getting busier, it’s only natural to want to stop worrying about the little things.

Essentially, eyebrow microblading is tattooing, except the ink doesn’t fade into an unflattering shade of blue or green. It’s also virtually painless.

Organic microblading uses all-natural ink pigments that present no side effects on any and all users.

Compared to traditional microblading, the organic kind also heals more quickly and lasts longer.

Not convinced yet? Check out these reviews from our clients.

What our clients are saying:

My mother went in with skinny, non-existent eyebrows and left as a new woman with beautifully contoured and shaped microbladed eyebrows by the talented owner Lorine.

Mind you, this procedure took less than an hour, and the results are flawless. Highly recommend! Mom’s going to visit her in a couple days for her permanent upper eye liner, can’t wait for that reveal!

– Lorena T., CA

I lost my eyebrows after menopause. I had them done by 4 different people and was not 100% satisfied until I met [Lorine] at OPM. She took off my old ones and gave me new ones in less than an hour. The color and artistry were amazing. Her system is painless and her brush strokes look so real. She is by far the best out there.

I finally have the eyebrows I had in my 20’s thanks to OPM. Everyone I meet can not believe they are not real. I 100% recommended them to anyone looking for permanent make-up. Thank you

– Jackie E., CA

Relive your youth with OPM! Get organic, permanent eyebrows today.

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