Scar Removal / Camouflage / Micro-pigmentation


Scar Removal / Camouflage / Micro-pigmentation

How is micro-pigmentation carried out for scar camouflage?

A pen with a tiny hair-fine needle is used which moves up and down, much like a sewing machine. Tiny dots of color pigment are deposited into the skin, gradually building up a natural and realistic effect using artistic use of color, shadows and highlights. During scar camouflage treatments, tiny natural detail, such as freckles and skin texture can also be recreated.

Depending on the sensitivity of the scar tissue, you will be offered a topical anesthetic (in the form of a cream, which is applied at least 30 minutes before the procedure is carried out) to numb the area.

To achieve the most natural results when camouflaging a scar, we have color pigments to blend, so we will try our best to realistically match the color to your surrounding.

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Estimated procedure time

60 minutes each side
Lasting: 2-5 years