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Soap Brows Are The Best (And Cheapest) Beauty Hacks Ever


pite the thousands of beauty products available all over the world, makeup artists and enthusiasts keep coming back to one particular ‘beauty hack’. What hack is this, you might ask? It’s called ‘soap brows’.

Soap brows aren’t a fad. In fact, two certified brow experts use this trick. Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills (yes, the one who does Kim Kardashian’s brows) is one. The other is Nicola Haste of the Pixiwoo sisters, the incredibly popular YouTube makeup artist duo.

Nicola herself gushed about soap brows to Get the Gloss during an interview after whipping out her tin can of brow soap. She said that the soap brow technique made her naturally fine-haired brows look thicker.

Sam Chapman, founder of Pixiwoo and sister to Nicola, made a YouTube makeup tutorial of soap brows in 2016. Check it out below:

Brows on a budget: How to do the ‘soap brows’

Soap brows are exactly what they sound like they: putting soap on your eyebrows. If that sounds a little primitive, don’t worry—this trick works as good as (if not better than) other eyebrow techniques.

To get the look, you’ll need to have only two things and complete only two steps! Here’s what you need:

  • A clear soap. White soap will make your brows look like they have dandruff.
  • A clean spoolie, otherwise known as a mascara brush. Sam Chapman recommends having a spoolie specifically for soaping up your brows.

And here’s what you need to do:

  1. Run your spoolie over the wet soap until the soap foams.
  2. Brush upward until you achieve the shape you want.

From there, your brows will hold their shape. Just be careful not to overload your brows with soap—otherwise, you’ll look like you just washed your face if you get caught in the rain.

Practice makes perfect! Anastasia posted a quick tutorial of her own on Instagram, which is easier and quicker to review:

Of course, like Sam, you can also fill in your brows so they don’t look sparse. She uses a brow gel and an angled brush in her video to re-create her brow hair’s fine lines, giving her a very natural look. She herself says that she’s not a fan of the completely filled-out brows and that she likes seeing the texture of her own brows.

Soap brows won’t take away more than two minutes from your morning routine; filling the brows, however, might consume a bit more time.

You don’t have to waste your day on perfecting your brows

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soap brows

Caught in the rain? No problem; your brows still look great.

Accidentally wiped your forehead during a hot summer? Don’t worry; your brows are immune to your hands.

Boyfriend playfully messing up your makeup? Joke’s on him; your eyebrows are still there!

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