Lorine Mikheail

Best Microblading Artist

Lorine Mikheail

POSITION: Master Trainer & Founder of OPM


SPECIALTIES: Scalp Pigmentation, Eyebrows, Microblading, Eyeliner, Full Lips, Scar Camouflage

About Lorine Mikheail

Lorine Mikheail is the inventor and creator of the OPM system. She received her BSN and General Practitioner degree from Charles Drew School of Medicine. She has specialized in the prevention of bed sores after a spinal cord injury, but her love for permanent makeup has persuaded her to go back to the field of permanent makeup. She was determined to fix the problems that are associated with permanent makeup, such as skin damage, color changing of the pigments, and pain. She insisted on finding a solution to these nightmarish projects of disasters on permanent makeup. She discovered a technique by implementing heavily pigmented natural organic inks to be placed in the superficial tissue of the skin. These pigments don’t change colors, and they heal naturally according to the skin’s undertone. With only 10 colors to choose from — 5 for eyebrows, 2 for eyeliners, and 3 for lips, it’s a straightforward selection for different skin types and ethnicities.

She also created the magnetic rotary machine with a special technology that is very precise and low in vibration to be used in the permanent makeup industry without causing any damage to the skin, so no bleeding, swelling, nor downtime.

Her invention and technique pioneered the world of permanent makeup. Her discoveries, paired with her expertise in permanent makeup, became her foundation to start the best permanent makeup company in the USA.

Her dream is to see permanent makeup artists gain an in-depth understanding of permanent makeup, not just the art but also its science. It is extremely important to understand skin, anatomy, and counter-indications before tattooing people. Without proper knowledge and good training, the clients pay the price.

Due to lack of knowledge and poor training in the permanent makeup industry in the USA, Lorine is determined to share her knowledge and expertise to create a much better training program, resulting to excellent service.

According to Lorine, “People have only one face. A poorly done eyebrow and eyeliner, coupled with a below par pigmented permanent makeup will distract their clients which might have dire consequences for them. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and to your clients that you get well trained in your art and perfect your work prior to working on other people. Perfect your confidence and experience and I promise the money will always follow. As a permanent makeup artist, there is so much room to grow and evolve, but for only those that put their heart, effort and time into their professional growth as a permanent makeup artist. Permanent makeup is a skill that needs to be perfected. I believe that it’s not practice which makes you perfect, rather it is perfect practice which makes a perfect work, and provides the best results.”