Microblading Gone Wrong

This Is What Microblading Gone Wrong Looks Like — And How To Avoid It

It’s unavoidable: not all beauty trends are for everyone, which means all beauty trends will inevitably come with horror stories. We’ve all seen the bad side of the best in beauty trends, from wonky lip fillers to botched botox jobs. Like we said: there are no exemptions. This time, we’re looking at microblading gone wrong and—thankfully—how to avoid it.

Is microblading dangerous?

All enhancement procedures carry some risks with them. That’s why they all come with prior consultation, to make sure nothing in the process will clash with your allergies or preferences.

Microblading is safe—if done in the hands of experts. Usually, when people’s beauty procedures go bad, it’s either because:

  1. They went to unreliable clinics or doctors; or
  2. They made too much changes to their face.

Beauty enhancement procedures should do just that: enhance your face. Not change it completely. They should also be done in a clean environment with properly sanitized tools; no fly-by-night clinics or suspicious cheap discounts.

That being said, here are the worst microblading gone wrong horror stories on the internet, plus the moral lessons that go with them:

1) The girl who lost her whole eyebrow

Amanda Coats of Melbourne, Australia wanted to get her eyebrows microbladed. And, in July 2017, she did.

Unfortunately, immediately after the procedure, she noticed that she seemed to have acquired an infection in the microbladed area.

She wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post that the technician who worked on her eyebrows did not follow proper sanitation standards:

“The lady who did it, Ulzii Cleveland, was very rushed, going in and out of the room attending to other clients during my procedure and also doing another eyebrow tattoo at the same time. She did not put new gloves on each time, which does not keep things sterile,” Amanda wrote on her Facebook account.

Amanda said she messaged and called her microblading technician right away, but that she was ignored. She was again ignored after she asked to return to the clinic for a checkup. By then, patches of her skin had begun to fall away, and pus was leaking out of the microbladed area.

If only it stopped there! Both Amanda’s eyebrows completely fell off, even after she took doctor-prescribed steroids and antibiotics.

Amanda said she spent $360 for the microblading procedure and $1600 treating the infection. She has since filed charges against the clinic, which is also suing her for $150,000 in compensation after they lost a number of clients.

Moral of the story: Research your clinic before going in for the procedure! Make sure they follow proper sanitation and safety procedures. Look into their certifications where applicable, and read through their customer reviews.

If you’re still nervous about your clinic, look at how long they’ve been in the business, which might be an indicator of how good they are at what they do.


2) The girl with the ‘Angry Birds’ eyebrows

Katharine McPhee microblading gone wrong
Katharine wrote about her ‘microblading gone wrong’ disaster in a blog post. Photo from News.com.au.

Katharine McPhee admits that, while she believes in natural beauty, she also didn’t like her natural, sparse eyebrows. Something simply had to be done.

“I have the odd combination of Celtic skin, dark hair and wispy brows. I usually filled them in with a kit. But the tricky part was consistency,” she wrote.

It became a Jekyll/Hyde brow situation. I didn’t want people placing bets on whether I would turn up with eyebrows each day. So, it had to be every day.”

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their brows—which is why it sucks that Katharine’s only got worse. While going in for a microblading session, she immediately felt that something was off: there was too much pain, even though her technician already gave her numbing cream.

She came out of the procedure with ‘Angry Birds’-like eyebrows, she said. So, Katharine went straight to the internet, found a recipe to ‘remedy’ her situation, shopped for ingredients at the grocery, applied them at home, and…

Felt her left eyebrow skin get burnt. Yikes.

Her first mistake?

“My downfall began when I bought an online discount voucher, instead of footing a full cost at a vetted salon.”

Moral of the story: Skip the sketchy discounts! Never skimp on procedures that carry even the slightest bit of risk. Find a beauty clinic that is honest enough about how much they need from you, so they can perform the highest quality services.

Remember that microblading carries costs: from the equipment they use to the pigments that go into your skin. If a clinic is asking for a very low price, pause and think: Are they sacrificing on quality to make up for the cost?

Microblading gone wrong: How does it go right instead?

There’s no need to be terrified of microblading! Like we said, microblading is safe. You just need to find the right clinic and the right microblading experts.

Luckily, Organic Permanent Makeup has both.

Our pigments are 100% natural: they’re food dye-based, have zero side effects and are applicable for all skin types!

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