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Top 4 Reasons To Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed

A lot of people are reluctant to get microblading for their brows—and with good reason. Like any beauty enhancement procedure, microblading requires that you carefully considered your options before committing to anything. But, if you’re looking for one last push to get the brows of your dreams, then look no farther. Here’s the top 4 reasons to get your eyebrows microbladed.

1) Microblading is safe

The biggest concern regarding microblading is safety. Microblading horror stories abound on the internet—in fact, we’ve written about most of them.

Like getting lip fillers or going in for a facelift, microblading requires that you go to a professional. Don’t go to a shady parlor or settle for a suspiciously low price. Make sure to research the best microblading clinics in your area and read customer reviews.

Safe and reliable microblading clinics should have the proper certifications, as well. Also, check for location photos (to get a feel of what your visit will be like!) and videos that show their procedures (shady microblading “artists” will definitely not boast about their practices).

Of course, don’t forget to ensure that your microblading artist went through proper training and has years of experience under their belt. Never settle for a microblading artist just because they seem nice and trustworthy. Look for proven results—not fancy sales talk.

Proper research should bring you to a reputable microblading salon—one that ensures you get a safe and satisfactory experience.

If you're still confused about permanent makeup and don't really know how it works, this video is for you! The process is simple, easy and won't hurt you and always remember, we're using organic materials that will not harm your skin! Call us at 310-207-7797 and book your free consultation.

Posted by Organic Permanent Makeup on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2) Microblading saves time

If you spend an hour a day perfecting your brows, then you’re wasting 7 hours a week just on getting your arches done. It might not seem like a lot, but in reality, that’s almost a whole work day! Not to mention that that’s 28 hours a month that you could have spent reading a book, playing with the kids, or just plain relaxing.

The good news? Microblading means that you only have to spend one to two hours total on your eyebrows in the span of up to two years.

After one session, all you need is a couple of touch-ups, and you’re done! No more wasting time in front of a mirror. No more wasted hours looking for the brow products that work best for you.

3) Microblading saves money

Spending a hundred dollars every month on your brow pen, powder, and finishing gel? And how much do you spend a year on $50 stick-on brows (a.k.a. eyebrow wigs)?

Microbladed eyebrows don’t just give you a fresh, always-ready look—they also help you save up on your cash.

Consider your annual $1200 eyebrow makeup splurge a thing of the past. For just $500 (the price of ten eyebrow wigs!), you can get perfectly filled-in brows for up to two years.

Sounds like a steal? That’s because it is.

4) Microbladed eyebrows look good

Really, what other reason do you need? They’re convenient, they’re budget-friendly, they’re safe, and they make you look red-carpet ready.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got a list of six celebrities who got their brows microbladed. And we’ve got a bunch of photos to prove it, too:

top 4 reasons to get your eyebrows microbladed

top 4 reasons to get your eyebrows microbladed

top 4 reasons to get your eyebrows microbladed

top 4 reasons to get your eyebrows microbladed

Get your eyebrows microbladed today!

Now that you have the top 4 reasons to get your eyebrows microbladed, it’s time to book an appointment. Our experts are always ready to answer questions, and you can get a commitment-free consultation, too!

Organic Permanent Makeup even takes it a step farther: we offer organic microblading, which uses 100% organic ink pigments to give you the brows you deserve. Our services are sure to be compatible with all skin types—after all, we never use any harmful chemicals.

Ready to start looking your best? Read up on microblading today.