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Top Eyebrow Microblading Myths Debunked

The cosmetic industry is thriving as consumers find more effective ways to look and feel great. One of the most popular trends today is microblading and for good reason, of course. But as this beauty service becomes more prevalent, so have the myths about eyebrow microblading.

Just like the many different cosmetic procedures available these days, eyebrow microblading has its own set of myths. Thanks to the internet, these misconceptions could easily reach a point where a person who wants to have their eyebrow microbladed visit a salon with expectations that are far from the truth.

These myths cause confusion, which may discourage you from getting the procedure or encourage you to do so but with unrealistic or incorrect expectations. It’s time to put a stop to all these. Listed below are the common myths about eyebrow microblading and the truth behind each of them.

Microblading Hurts

The first one on the list is the misconception that microblading hurts – a lot. The truth is, it doesn’t. You won’t feel a thing during the procedure. After getting your brows microbladed, you may feel uncomfortable and you’ll notice the area become sore for a while but that’s it.

Microblading Is Just Like A Tattoo

This myth is a bit complicated to explain. Eyebrow microblading involves the addition of pigment to the skin’s dermis, which is a process that is used when getting a tattoo. Does that mean microblading is the same as getting a tattoo? No, it doesn’t.

You can think of it as a type of tattoo and that’s why microblading falls under cosmetic tattooing. The equipment used during this procedure is different from what’s used when getting a tattoo. It also doesn’t feel and heal the same. It doesn’t even look the same! Plus, microblading is semi-permanent, which is something you can’t say about tattoos.

Microblading is Permanent

This is not true. Compared to traditional tattoos, microblading won’t last forever. As mentioned earlier, eyebrow microblading is semi-permanent. Several months after getting the procedure, your brows will lighten naturally. Although it isn’t a lifelong commitment, you should carefully consider if you want to undergo this cosmetic treatment.

You Have No Say How You Want Your Brows To Look Like

False. Before you undergo the cosmetic procedure, you will be discussing your options with a microblading artist. You’ll talk about what you like while the microblading artist tells you what’s possible. You will work together to achieve the brows that suit you best.

Just be sure to find an experienced and reputable microblading artist. Choose one who will give you the facts instead of offering promises that he or she won’t be able to meet.

Microblading Results Look Unnatural

Another microblading myth is that people wrongly believe that their eyebrows will look unnatural when they go through microblading. After getting your eyebrows microbladed, they will look darker than usual. But over time, the pigment applied to the skin will become lighter.

During the procedure, the color of the pigment that will be used is a perfect match to the shade of your brows. It may look darker at first but you’ll notice that it’ll blend gradually over time. Microblading uses a technique that creates the appearance of tiny hair-like strokes on your brow area. After it heals, you’ll have fuller, gorgeous, and natural looking eyebrows. Just look at some of the famous celebrities like Mandy Moore who had their eyebrows microbladed! They look amazing!

Microblading Uses A Blade or Scalpel

The tool used to perform the procedure looks like a blade or a scalpel. But if you look at it closely, you’ll see that it is made up of several individual needles that are bound together, which makes it appear like a blade or a scalpel.

Before you go through the procedure, be sure to choose your microblading artist carefully. You need someone who can get it right the first time around. You wouldn’t want to end up asking yourself what you’ve done to your face, right?

microblading mythsQuick Guide To Choosing A Microblading Artist

Check their resume – just like when getting other services, you should always check their resume. You wouldn’t want to work with someone who will treat your procedure like a practice session. You want someone who is a true artist, a reputable professional in the field.

Perform a quick experience audit on the potential microblading artist. Check their website. Can you find a list of their credentials?


Word of mouth remains as one of the most trustworthy and reliable forms of reviews. With a simple search online, you can easily find out if the microblading artist in question has a good reputation or has received a lot of complaints. It is also a good idea to check Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews. These sites give you a good idea of the level of service the artist provides.

Equipment and Salon

It doesn’t matter if the artist is an expert, if their salon looks messy or dirty, get out right away! Cosmetic procedures including microblading should be performed in a sterile environment to avoid any complications. Also, if the artist doesn’t wear gloves or doesn’t wash and sterilize their tools, then you need to run!


You can easily spot an inexperienced or sloppy artist as he or she often uses a stencil. If during your consultation, the tattooist takes out a stencil, then turn around and walk away. A well-trained microblading artist knows every customer is different. Each has its unique eyebrows with different style, length, strokes, and thickness. A good artist will customize each of these factors to provide their clients with the perfect brows.


Just like when you are trying to buy a car, you need to test drive the vehicle first and make sure that it meets your expectations before you make a purchase. So, before you get your eyebrows treated, you need to meet the artist who will perform the procedure. The artist should give you a consultation first. During this period, the artist will make sure that you know what you are getting into and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. As you move toward the end of your initial visit, the artist should ask if you want to proceed.

Microblading is a procedure that will involve making changes in one of your facial features. You need to be extremely confident that the artist you choose is competent, experienced, and has a good track record. Now, that you the truth behind these microblading myths, you are ready to make an informed decision.

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