Unique holiday gift ideas for moms

Unique holiday gift ideas for moms

There’s no one in the world more worth splurging on than our moms. No gift could possibly repay them for giving birth to us and raising us, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Check out these unique holiday gift ideas for moms—and give them a Christmas they likely won’t forget.

Before making this list, we asked ourselves: what do moms want for Christmas? The answer, of course, was “It depends.”

Some moms enjoy being splurged on, while others are a bit uncomfortable at being spent huge amounts of money for. And, obviously, the perfect gift takes their personalities and interests into consideration.

That’s why we’ve made a list (and checked it twice!) that recommends a gift for different kinds of moms. Their common denominator? All these gift ideas will guarantee a bright smile from mother dearest.

For the sporty mom

If you’ve got a mom that spends more time at the gym than even you do, then she probably already has an army of fitness helpers. Her home is likely full of Fitbits, running shoes, yoga mats, and fruit shake blenders. What else could you possibly give her?

A muscle massager

It’s no secret that the more we age, the sores our muscles get after extreme physical activity.

Give your mom a sturdy, reliable massager that will help her sort out sore muscles, so she can stay active the whole day!

We refrained from recommending a particular product because choosing which kind of massager to buy is up to you!

You can get her a massage chair or a handheld back massager. Why not throw an all-expense-paid spa day, too? Make it a post-holiday bonding activity, and she’ll thank the stars for such a thoughtful, loving daughter.

For the strong, independent mom

Some moms are dads, too.

If you and your siblings have your own places, then mom probably has her own place and her own group of friends she hangs out with.

Give mom something that keeps her entertained, gives her something to talk about with friends, and shows her how much you appreciate her strength.

A best-selling book on women empowerment

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, a book isn’t that unique!” But that’s only true if you grab a random book from your local bookstore, hoping mom will take a liking to it.

Books are great gifts because they’re personal. They show that you put a lot of thought into choosing a gift, as well as demonstrates that you truly know a person because you know their taste in books.

Here are a few recommendations from this year’s best-seller’s list:

Non-fiction: Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward by Gemma Hartley

Fiction: Hazards of Time Travel by Joyce Carol Oates

Make sure to include a heartfelt letter that explains why you chose the book you chose. And highlight all the ways your mom has inspired you through the years!

For the mom-on-the-go

Is your mom incapable of sitting still?

Some moms find spending hours at home boring. They’re always either hands-on grandmas, running their own businesses, saving the environment, or simply hanging out with their girl friends!

When your mom can’t be bothered to slow down (life does begin at 40, after all!), here’s how you can make her holidays happy.

Organic eyebrow microblading

Permanent makeup is the best way for anyone to stay glam without wasting several hours and dollars a day on a tiresome makeup routine!

After just one session, your mom’s brows will look as great as they did when she was your age. Organic eyebrow microblading is painless and safe for all skin types.

And the best part? It only takes no more than an hour! Your mom’s schedule won’t suffer for the sake of beauty.

Check your area for places offering eyebrow microblading, but bear in mind that traditional eyebrow microblading uses metal-based ink pigments.

If you’re looking for an environment-friendly and safer alternative, check out our offers on organic eyebrow microblading. Our pigments are food- and mineral-based and are administered by the best in the business. Our very founder actually invented organic microblading pigments!

What moms want more than anything…

…is to spend time with you! That’s why all the unique holiday gift ideas for moms on this list are perfect for mother-daughter bonding.

Book a spa day, talk about mom’s new book by the bonfire, or help her choose the eyebrow shape that fits her best! Nothing expresses happy holidays more than time well spent together.

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