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Weird Ways to Use Your Makeup

Makeup just doesn’t go on your face. It goes on your toothbrush, too. Yes, we’re serious. Makeup has some surprisingly interesting ways for you to use them at home. These makeup hacks that aren’t really makeup hacks, but more like hacks that use makeup (does that make sense?) will change the way you live. Read on to find out more!

Weird Makeup Hacks 1: Blow Dryer for Car Dents

Who says you have to take your car to the car repair shop every time you hit a pole or drive into a curb? Dents are no problem for you. If your car has dents, you can simply use your blow dryer to get rid of them. Put your blow dryer on medium heat and, while directing the air on the dent, reach behind the dent to push it outward. Hold the dent in place for a minute or so, and you’ll see your dent slightly bend back into place. This is one makeup hack that will leave your car looking good as new.

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Weird Makeup Hacks 2: Hairspray for Stains

Stain removing pens can move aside. All you need is hairspray. Hairspray can get rid of anything from hair dye stains to wine stains. All you have to do is spray it on and rub gently until the stain disappears.

Weird Makeup Hacks 3: Nail Polish for Rust

Rust can get very annoying. There may be rust in your bathroom right now, and if not treated immediately, it can end up staining your sink, bath tub and toilet. Use your nail polish to get rid of rust by coating the bottom of your metal soap dishes and other items with clear nail polish. 

Weird Makeup Hacks 4: Toothpaste for Silverware

Silver looking dull? Use toothpaste to make it sparkle and shine again. Use white toothpaste to polish any silverware you have lying around. Of course, you have to wipe your silverware clean afterward because you wouldn’t want your guests touching sticky and minty forks and knives, would you?

Weird Makeup Hacks 5: Eyeshadow Brush for Keyboards

Over time, your keyboard will collect dirt and dust. Little nooks and crannies inside your keyboard will get filled up with all sorts of things like food crumbs and even hair. Use your makeup brush, specifically your eyeshadow brush, to swipe through those nooks and crannies, and clean things out. 

Weird Makeup Hacks 6: Eyeliner for Notes

Need to write something down but you don’t have  a pen? Eyeliner can be a great substitute. Just be sure to not use it again on your eyes. That’s pretty unsanitary…

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Weird Makeup Hacks 7: Vaseline for Wood

Is your wood furniture looking a bit unpolished? Use Vaseline to make your wood furniture, and even your leather goods, look brand new. Vaseline also acts as a protective barrier against stains and spills!

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