What color should my eyebrows be?

What Color Should My Eyebrows Be?

Ever wondered, “What color should my eyebrows be?” Well, worry no more, because Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) is here to help you find out.

OPM is an expert in eyebrow microblading—the non-surgical process of drawing fine lines to mimic eyebrow hair. We’ve worked on countless clients who wanted fuller, natural-looking brows. That also means we’re eyebrow matchmakers: we’re authorities at determining the best eyebrow colors for you!

OPM uses the Fitzpatrick scale to determine which shade your eyebrows should be. Of course, nothing beats the advice and recommendation of our microblading professionals, but we understand if you’re curious!

Take out a notepad, answer the test below and then scroll down to find the color we recommend for your skin type.

The Fitzpatrick Skin Test

The Fitzpatrick Skin Test is used to determine your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick scale. The scale was developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick and is recognized as a dermatological tool for studying human skin pigmentation.

Choose an answer to the question, and add up the numbers corresponding to your answers.

1) What is your natural eye color?

0: Light blue, gray, or light green
1: Blue, gray, or green
2: Dark blue or hazel
3: Dark brown
4: Brownish black

2) What is the natural color of your hair?

0: Sandy or red
1: Blonde
2: Chestnut or dark blonde
3: Dark brown
4: Black

3) What is the color of your skin when not exposed to direct sunlight?

0: Reddish
1: Very pale
2: Pale with a beige tint
3: Light brown
4: Chestnut brown

4) Do you have freckles on non-exposed areas?

0: Many
1: Several
2: Few
3: Incidental
4: None

5) What happens when you stay in the sun for too long?

0: Painful redness, blistering, and/or peeling
1: Blistering followed by peeling
2: Burns sometimes followed by peeling
3: Rarely burn
4: Never had burns

6) To what degree do you turn brown?

0: Hardly or not at all
1: Light color tan
2: Reasonable tan
3: Tans easily
4: Turns dark brown easily

7) Do you turn brown within several hours of sun exposure?

0: Never
1: Seldom
2: Sometimes
3: Often
4: Always

8) How does your face react to the sun?

0: Very sensitive
1: Sensitive
2: Normal
3: Very resistant
4: Never had a problem

9) When was the last time you exposed your body to the sun, a tanning bed or self-tanning cream?

0: More than 3 months ago
1: 2-3 months ago
2: 1-2 months ago
3: Less than a month ago
4: Less than 2 weeks ago

10) How frequently do you expose your eyebrows to direct sunlight?

0: Never
1: Hardly ever
2: Sometimes
3: Often
4: Always

If your total score is…

0 to 7: You have Skin Type I. Your skin never tans and is very prone to burning if exposed to too much sun. You likely have pale skin and freckles.

8 to 16: You have Skin Type II. Your skin tans with difficulty but usually burns.

17 to 25: You have Skin Type III. Your skin tans uniformly but sometimes burns when exposed to sunlight.

26 to 30: You have Skin Type IV. Your skin tans easily and rarely burns.

Over 30: You have Skin Type V to VI. Your skin tans very easily and very rarely burns.

What color should my eyebrows be?

Like our name suggests, OPM eyebrow color pigments are all natural. You’re assured that they have zero side effects and that they are applicable for all skin types.

Now that we know what your skin type is, check out the specific colors our experts recommend for your eyebrows!

Skin Type I — Ivory White

Ivory White Eyebrow Pigment

OPM-1 Ivory White is a cool-color-based pigment that neutralizes red tones under the skin. It’s the lightest color available in OPM’s diverse range of pigments.

This shade is recommended for people with pale skin, blue eyes, light blonde or red hair, light lashes and freckles.




Skin Type II — Fair Light

What color should my eyebrows be?

OPM-2 Fair Light is for people with skin type II.

The color is ash-based and is recommended for people with the following features: peach-colored or fair skin, blonde or red hair, medium to dark lashes and blue, green or hazel eyes.




Skin Type III — Golden Beige

What color should my eyebrows be?

OPM-3 Golden Beige is a warm-color-based pigment that neutralizes blue and green skin undertones.

It’s a warm brown hue that is recommended for clients with light to medium brown hair.




Skin Type IV — Brown

What color should my eyebrows be?

OPM-4 Brown is a warm-based pigment that neutralizes blue and green undertones of the skin.

This is based on an ash brown color and can be used on all skin tones. It is specifically recommended for Asian, Latina and olive skin.





Skin Type V and VI — Dark Brown

What color should my eyebrows be?

OPM-5 Dark Brown is a warm-color-based pigment that neutralizes blue and green skin undertones.

This color is generally used for Asian, African American, Latina and olive skin types.





Now that you know…

…perhaps it’s time to get your eyebrows microbladed with us?

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OPM 3D organic microblading is:

  • safe;
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