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What Doctors Say About OPMakeup

Due to our extensive experience in regenerative medicine therapies, we have participated in numerous regenerative medicine conferences all over the world, often as a guest lecturer or highlighted participant. We have collaborated with a distinguished, international group of leading physicians, researchers and scientists on various projects. Highlights include presentations on Regenerative Medicine, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, EECP Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Tissue Specific Stem Cell Research and Application.

There are several dermatologists who have viewed and studied the process of the Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) system. We have been skin rejuvenation doctors for over 30 years. We have conducted many work, research, and training, and we were extremely impressed about the technique of micro-pigmentation.

We are thrilled to see a non-invasive procedure which inserts pigments in the superficial layer of the skin. This form of technique is safe and effective for those that who are in need of enhancing their looks. Since the procedure is very non-invasive, there is no bleeding, downtime, nor scabbing, compared with other tattoo or regular permanent procedures in the market today.

The technique that she has developed paired with a machine which has rotating magnets that would limit the skin puncture, as compared to a machine for tattoo procedures, is a new and advanced technique which differs in comparison to general tattoo procedures; by pigmenting in the epidermis using concentrated organic dyes which vastly differs from tattoo. I would also like to state that the use of light pressure techniques does not draw blood nor cause scabbing as would the technique used for original tattoo procedures.

I believe that Lorine has invented a new concept of micro pigmentation, the results of which are so natural.

Dr. Fouad Ghaly,
MD Rejuvenation Medicine