What is Microblading – Important Things You Need to Know

If you are one of those who look forward to eyebrows with fuller look and crispier color, filling your brows with naturally looking hairs through microblading is a very good option. In fact, many have used this semi-permanent make-up.

So, what is microblading? Microblading is semi-permanent procedure in the eyebrows. The procedure is done with the use of microblade to create hair-like strokes. The needles with pigments on the tip implant the ink in the dermis.

The picture below shows how the procedure is done.

The experts perform Microblading

Microblading entails skillful persons who use the microblade tool in order to give your eyebrows the looks you deserve. Since ink is deposited in the skin, unhygienic practices may cause infections. The success of the procedure largely depends on the person who performs it. It is best to consider a certified microblading artist, an experienced one who can take care of the kind of brow you wish to have.

Be careful of the following:

Poser microblading artists who do not know what is microblading. Research and find out if the service provider is licensed and certified.

No before and after photos to show you. The photos will tell the kind of output they can produce through microblading. If you ask for photos and they cannot show you one, this is a red flag.

Possible complications may also occur. This is if you happen to avail the services from wrong saloon. In addition, allergic reactions can also be another thing. If any of these happens, you will surely incur another cost.

Requirements before Microblading

After knowing what is microblading, you have to take note of the preparations before submitting yourself to the procedure. If you are pregnant and have some allergies, you are not eligible for it. Your preparation prior to the procedure includes refraining chemical peels for at least two months before the procedure; not consuming caffeine and alcohol; not putting on facial creams; and not taking any blood thinning medications.

Requirements after Microblading

Follow the instructions given to you on how to take care of the microblaed brow. Usually, the advice is to wipe your eyebrows with water using a cotton swap and use the after-care ointment. Depending on your case, there are required number of times to wipe and apply the eyebrows with ointment.

You also refrain from sweating and make-up or any skin care products. Do not expose yourself to sunlight. Never let the shower stream directed to your eyebrows. Avoid all of these for at least two weeks.

Take note that healing process takes time.

Even with the aftercare requirements you need to religiously follow, the results will definitely give you satisfaction. The picture below shows how lovely a micorbladed eyebrow is.

Microblading Training

What is Microblading and how long does it last?

The term is semi-permanent – meaning, it stays longer but not for a long time. However, many prefer microblading for it stays longer than waterproof eyebrow pencils and gels. Wearing your well-shaped eyebrow for a year or two is not that bad anymore. Others may even have it for a span of three years as long as you do the regular touch up.

The kind of ink used in microblading is also a factor. There are inks  which can easily fade. But if you go for organic microblading, you will surely love the results. This is because the ink  used is organic, and the pigments are made of plant and animal-based ingredients which are not harmful to the skin. The colors are natural too.

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