OPM leads the microblading industry with top-notch services

What Makes OPM Top Of The Microblading Industry

With the microblading industry booming nowadays, how do we ensure that we invest in the right products and services? We don’t want to spend our money from hours of hard work on services that are less-than-best!

Organic Permanent Makeup offers a threefold approach to servicing our customers:

  1. We sell organic products;
  2. We offer the best permanent makeup services;
  3. And we teach our techniques on permanent makeup.

Convinced yet?

OPM Pigment is the best in the microblading industry

Our organic pigment is made from an original formula. It’s reliable and safe because harsh metals typically found in others formulas are absent. This makes our products safer and healthier for the body and skin.

Our concentrated color formula matches your skin tone, as well, so when it heals, it heals more naturally. It’s softer on the skin, too!

OPM offers everything the microblading industry needs: pigments, needles, even rulers. Check out our shop here.

OPM services are always top-notch

We only give our customers our very best. Meticulously studied, our ingredients are as natural as the results you get.

Not only are we careful about what we provide our clients, we’re also meticulous about the facility we use. We perform our services in a state-of-the-art facility that ensures you are safe and satisfied.

What do we mean?

  1. Our nanoneedles complement strokes that match your desired look.
  2. We use a manual tool that holds these nanoneedles to create precise and painless strokes.
  3. Our specialists are experts in the field.
  4. We provide training and courses that enable them to master our best services.

OPM gives you not just happy results but also an awesome experience. We also offer a large variety of services you can choose from, from microblading to lip contouring.

The testimonials are impressive

We don’t just think we’re the best. Our clients do, too! Here are some snippets of why our customers consider Organic Permanent Makeup to be at the very top of the microblading industry:

“It’s been 5 years since I’ve had my eyebrows done, and today I received a compliment…If you’re going to get your eyebrows done may as well go to the best.” — EJ of Calabasas, CA

“I absolutely love Lorine and the OPM academy. There is no match for the extensive education you will receive for microblading and permanent makeup…I am feeling more and more comfortable with my craft and I know that I will be giving my clients the absolute best service…” — Melanie of Coalinga, CA

“I have been going to Lorine for years, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else doing my fillers. Her technique is amazing, and she really knows how to customize treatments to your face. I’ve done everything from lips, under eye and fine lines, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” — Jennifer of Los Angeles, CA

And these are just some of the many confirmations that we really are acing the microblading industry. We have loads more.

No doubt, our customers also want you to experience the same top-notch microblading service they experienced. At OPM, we don’t settle for less-than-best—and neither should you.

Choose organic. Choose OPM. Book an appointment today.