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What You Need To Know Before Getting Scar Removal

scar removalSkin micropigmentation, including scar removal, is non-invasive cosmetic method of tattooing. It uses micropigments into the first few layers of the skin to mimic the natural appearance of different skin features. Compared to traditional tattoos where in the artwork is the focal point of the procedure, skin micropigmentation concentrate on concealing or camouflaging skin defects. The practitioners are often referred to as pigmentologists. They blend different colors so they would match the natural skin of the client.

Although skin micropigmentation share some similarities with conventional tattooing, they also have their own unique characteristics. For instance, the kinds of pigments used are different as well as the machines and needles used.

Scar Removal: Why Choose Skin Micropigmentation?

There is no medical cure for skin defects like age spots, birthmarks, and color blemishes. Over time, the natural pigments in the skin change. They are also affected by different factors like your lifestyle and exposure to sunlight. There are also a few genetic problems that are determined at birth. Even contemporary medicines cannot treat them. Don’t worry. Skin micropigmentation is here.

 scar removalScar Removal: What are the benefits?

Skin micropigmentation is non invasive. You will also see instant results in just a single session. Pigments and colors are adjusted as well as layered every session. The average treatment plan consists of about two or three sessions. There are minimal to almost no side effects linked to skin micropigmentation.

What is Skin Camouflage?

Skin camouflage is a type of paramedical tattooing. It is also called corrective pigment camouflage and skin repigmentation. Or camouflage tatttoing, and skin color tattooing.

It is a specialized kind of permanent makeup that only a few people are trained. Technicians who are trained in performing this procedure possesses advance knowledge in permanent cosmetics. They also have an eye for skin tones and skin colors. These people understand and know very well the physiology of the skin and tissues. Such experts possess the knowledge about what pigments should be used.

What is Scar Removal For?

Both women and men can get a scar removal procedure. It is ideal for those who have burn scars, surgery scars, and stretch marks. They are good for injury scars, cleft palates, vitiligo, plastic surgery scars, and port wine birthmarks. The rate of success of scar removal is high. But it takes several sessions to complete the process. Do you have scars that negatively affect your look? Would like to make them less obvious? Then you should consider getting a scar removal procedure.

scar removalWhat Happens During The Scar Removal Procedure?

During your initial consultation, your technician will conduct a patch test. This will make sure that they have the suitable color matches and to ensure that it is safe for you to get the treatment. Technicians will consult with their patient’s doctor before they proceed. You will have to undergo multiple sessions for pigmentation after your first visit. Scar removal takes is a complicated and lengthy procedure.

Potential Complications and Contraindications

The scar should not be pink or changing color. It must be at least one year old. The scar should be smooth or flat. The procedure may not be effective if the scar is bumpy or raised. It’s not for those who have scars with dark edges. These indicates post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from the surgery or initial trauma. Undergoing this procedure could make it worse.

People with keloids should not have this treatment. It ill advised for people who have freckles, spider veins, and age spots. It is also not for hyper pigmentation, and under eye circles.

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