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7 of the Wildest Eyebrow Trends

Please don’t try these eyebrow trends. Through the years, eyebrows have gone from barely-there thin to in-your-face bold. Sure, some of the past eyebrow trends are acceptable, but lately some creative beauty gurus have come up with, well… pretty wild eyebrow trends. And while we’re all about experimenting with brows, such as trying new microblading techniques, these trends are just brilliantly strange.

Here are some of the wildest and wackiest eyebrow trends that will leave you in shock:

Feathered Brows

Eyebrow Trend - Feathered

Credit: Instagram (

Looks like someone took the phrase, “You were given wings to fly,” literally.

While this look isn’t as cringe-worthy as the others, it would still be weird to walk around with bird feathers above your eyes. Think about how much brow gel you would have to use just to make them stay in place!

Waxy Brows

Eyebrow Trend - Waxy

Credit: Instagram (@slayagebyjess)

This is what would happen if you spun around ten times then tried to do your brows.

But seriously, how many bald patches do her brows have after all that shaping? They’re just begging for a microblading treatment to get those brows back in proper shape.

Split Brows

Eyebrow Trend - Split Brows

Credit: Instagram (@kibsterr)
We don’t know if she was aiming for a super pissed look or if she had trouble with her razor, but girl, this look is making us feel confused.

Nike Brows

Eyebrow Trend - NIKE Brows

Credit: Instagram (@hudabeauty)

Just because it says, “Just do it,” doesn’t mean you have to do it.

If you really want brows that emphasize the tail, it’s better to go for ombre microblading instead. Ombre brows create a natural (and better-looking) arch that lasts up to a year. Now that’s something you got to do!

Braided Brows

Eyebrow Trend - braided brows

Credit: Instagram (@erosmua)

Apparently, people like braided brows because they make your eyebrows fuller and thicker. And, well, they do look bolder, but in a weird way. Guess they haven’t heard about microblading, the easier and prettier way to get fuller brows.

Rainbow Brows

Eyebrow Trend - Rainbow

Credit: Instagram (@ramriot)

The real question is, why aren’t they called rainbrows?

Rainbow eyebrows actually look pretty fun. You could wear them to a themed party or to your niece’s birthday. We prefer the natural brow color, but we got to admit, this is one creative look.

Just make sure you aren’t using permanent makeup for this.

Peacock Brows

Eyebrow Trend - Peacock

Credit: Instagram (

It’s Feathered Brows meets eyeliner and face paints. OK, we actually kind of love this look for its creativity. If only there were more peacock-themed parties to attend.

Microblading is one of the eyebrow trends you need to follow

We get it. These look do spice up your brow game. It’s almost impossible for them not to have that shock factor. But, if all you wanted were better brows that have make heads turn, you can do the same with natural-looking eyebrows.

Today, it’s all about having that perfect arch, that clean shape, and that sharp tail. At OPM, we want you to look shockingly gorgeous, not shockingly strange. Our microblading services can give you that “oomph” you need.

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