eyebrow tint gone wrong

Woman’s Eyebrow Tint Gone Wrong — And How To Avoid It

Who hasn’t had an eyebrow nightmare? Everyone’s overplucked their right eyebrow before. Some of us have even run into our exes while we’re two weeks overdue for an eyebrow grooming appointment! Still, no matter the horrors we’ve endured, one thing’s for sure: none of them compare to this one woman’s eyebrow tint gone wrong.

Leanne Martin, 31, from Greater Manchester, UK, went to a local beauty salon, thinking only of getting her nails done. But, while she was there, she decided to get her brows waxed, as well.

Afterwards, thinking nothing of it, Leanne asked for an eyebrow tint.

And that was when the trouble began.

Eyebrow tint gone wrong…and then even more wrong

Leanne said that her beautician didn’t offer an allergy test, only asked if she had ever gotten her eyebrows tinted before.

“I was there for about ten minutes. She waxed my eyebrows then put the tint on. Everything was fine, she wiped them off,” Leanne said, “but the day after they were a bit raised and red.”

“I thought it was because of the wax, but they got redder. I’d gone to see my boyfriend, and he’d said ‘What’s wrong with your face?’ Then they blew up. I was panicking. I was in absolute shock.”

Leanne shared that her skin’s reaction to the tint was extremely painful. “They were red, like they were on fire,” she described. “It was like a burn. I couldn’t even touch them.”

“I’ve since been told that you should never wax and tint at the same time,” she admitted.

eyebrow tint gone wrong

Leanne was given hydrocortisone cream at her local hospital, which will supposedly help calm the inflamed skin down, but the damage has been done.

The mom-of-one is a caterer, which means she’s unable to work for as long as she has open wounds. “I work in a kitchen so I can’t go to work for hygiene reasons,” Leanne explained.

But the insult after the injury is that Leanne’s beautician was apparently indifferent to Leanne’s condition.

“I’m very angry with the shop,” Leanne said. “I was expecting a bit more from [the beautician]. An apology or compassion or something. It’s me walking round looking like an idiot now when all I wanted was for my eyebrows to look a little bit fuller.”

“When I went back to the shop she gave me a £40 gift voucher. I wasn’t happy. I looked at it like ‘what?’”

“I’m taking her to court. If she can do this to me, she can do it to someone else.”

Beauty shouldn’t come at a (painful) price

Leanne said that she has since learned that waxing and tinting shouldn’t be done on the same day. “It must have been the tint. I don’t think you’re supposed to wax and then tint, because waxing opens the pores,” she said.

But, the thing is, the beautician should have known. And she should have told Leanne.

The burden of safety procedure shouldn’t be on the client, but just to be safe, make sure to do your research before going in for any procedures. As with all things, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Try to read reviews about the salon or clinic, as well. And find a place that’s open about their safety protocols and procedures—that’s usually a green flag.

If you’re going for eyebrow tints, try to ask what kind of tint they’ll be using. Ask about the ingredients, so you know in advance if you might be allergic to the tint.

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