Eyebrow wigs

Yes, eyebrow wigs exist.

You’ve probably heard about wigs, but have you heard about eyebrow wigs? Yup, these actually exist.

If you aren’t naturally blessed with thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, you’ve probably done all sorts of wild things to give yourself fuller brows. It can be intimidating, seeing so many thick eyebrow trends such as the Instagram brows pop up on your Instagram feed.

Maybe you’ve tried using castor oil. You’ve probably tried slathering them in aloe vera. Have you also bought those hair growth serums? We’ll bet that you’ve tried it all. But, we’ll bet that you haven’t tried eyebrow wigs yet.

For all your hairy needs, eyebrow wigs claim to be here to save the day.

What are eyebrow wigs?

Eyebrow wigs are exactly what you think they are. They’re tiny little brows that stick onto your skin, or on to your natural brow hairs, with the use of adhesive or wig glue. They were created with trichotillomania, alopecia and cancer patients in mind, but thanks to the recent thick brow craze, they’ve gotten popular among Instagrammers and beauty vloggers. We can see where these eyebrow wigs would be useful. Anyone suffering from extreme hair loss would appreciate having a pair of stickerlike brows to put on and take off as they please.

But, they aren’t that affordable. Depending on quality, a pair of eyebrow wigs would cost around $20 to $40, which is more than what typical brow makeup would cost. If you’re just trying eyebrow wigs for the first time, you might be hesitant to purchase a pair, because you might just end up wasting money on brows that don’t wow.

Watch YouTuber Jeffree Star try on eyebrow wigs:

As you can see, these brow wigs, depending on the brand, look like real brows. But, they only look natural from a distance. Up close, you can clearly see the edges of the stickerlike material. You would need to cover up the brow with more makeup, which risks messing with the adhesive. You wouldn’t want to walk around with one brow almost falling, would you?

But how do you take them off?

The word glue plus eyebrows just spells disaster. If you already have scarce hair, you wouldn’t want to use something that could possibly make you have less hair at the end. Some eyebrow wigs require the users to peel them off, which can be painful at times. This can result in your real hairs sticking to the glue. Bye-bye, brows.

Watch this YouTuber pull off her brow wigs.

Are eyebrow wigs really that great?

While they look natural from afar, eyebrow wigs look more fake than realistic. They don’t give users the freedom to shape their own brows. They can also be difficult to apply, and those who aren’t masters of makeup may have a hard time covering up the edges to make the brows look less fake.

The better option

Don’t risk losing a brow (or two) while you’re out and about. Why waste $40 on a pair of eyebrows that don’t even last that long? Eyebrow wigs may be a trend, but they’re definitely an impractical one.

We recommend going for something more permanent, such as microblading. For $500, which is more than ten pairs of eyebrow wigs, you can have brows that last up to five years. The great thing about microblading is that your brow hairs will look very natural and believable, so you won’t have to worry about patchy edges anymore.

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